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The prologue of Winter's Heart shows Rand seeing a face that is not Lews Therin. Lews Therin sees it as well and says:

"I thought I could build. I was wrong. We are not builders, not you, or I, or the other one. We are destroyers. Destroyers."
Something similar occurs in The Path of Daggers:
"When he saw himself in a dream, it was not always himself at all that he saw. It was not always Lews Therin, either, the face he had come to recognize as Lews Therin's. Sometimes it was blurred, yet vaguely familiar, and Lews Therin seemed startled by it, too."
Some people seem to think that this face is Moridin/the Wanderer. I'm guessing Rand would remember the face of a man channeling something other than saidin a little more than vaguely. No, the third face is none other than the next Dragon Reborn. Why can Rand see his future self? Well, why can he see his past self? I don't know. He's a crazy guy. Maybe this kind of thing is normal after you're reborn a few thousand times.

Nonetheless, The third face is Rand's future, and quite possibly it is Logain. The only time Rand saw Logain was when he was sitting on a wall in Caemlyn watching the procession of the caged False Dragon. Thus, he would only have a vague idea of familiarity with the face he is seeing. Also, there have been several hints that Rand will survive Tarmon Gai'don by merging with Logain in an Isam/Luc kind of way. How this is possible, I don't know, but I suspect that there might be a ter'angreal on the slopes of Shayol Ghul that makes this possible.

And hey, anybody notice that Ishamael/Moridin and Shaidar Haran are never in the same room together? I think that Ishamael is pulling one of his old tricks again. Instead of posing as the Dark One, now he is posing as the Super Fade. Why? Perhaps he has some problems acting confident in social situations. Definitely, he enjoys motivating people through fear. And, everyone fears the Super Fade. Ishamael is so clever.

wotmania says: I have not yet really come to any serious conclusion about the third face. Personally, I am leaning toward Ishamael/Moridin, but the idea of it being the "next Rand" is neat, too. Of course, I'm going to be bummed if this isn't the LAST Battle, so hopefully it isn't the "next Rand." Am I making sense? Not really, I'm sure... I also like the use of the phrase "He's a crazy guy" to explain something to do with Rand. I'm going to be using that more often myself!


Like this thoery

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I just wanted to say that I like this theory. If you take into account the theory about how the taint put Rand in contact with LTT it could possibly open up a future dragon, or another past dragon. I don't think it is Logain though. As for the criticism of hoping that this is the true last battle, how boring would that be if it was. Think about the Age of Legands, healing severing was thought to be impossible, unraveling weaves was thought to be impossible, as is the degree of control that Windfinders have over the weather without terangreal. Without the DO coming in and the resulting breakdown of the establishment all of the things that have been discovered now most likely would never have been discovered. Sometimes in order to move forward you must first move backward. Or in other words don't think of the Wheel as being stationary, but moving in a vertical motion as well, so that each peak is higher than the peak before and each dip not quite as low as the dip before.

Moridin can't be Shaidar Haran

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I can't remeber what book it was in, maybe A Crown of Swords, but I remember Shaidar spying on Demedred and one of the other female forsaken talking to Sevanna. He was using fancloth (same stuff used for cloaks by warders) so he would not be seen. When Demendred left using a gateway he said he could feel the pattern being ripped open. Male channelers do not feel saidin that way only myrdraal. Also, he felt a pull to return to Shayol Ghul. He said he could not stay away from there for long periods of time and that he wanted to find a way around that. I dont think Moridin has that problem. And why would Moridin need to make himself look like Shaidar and use fancloth to spy on Demendred when he could just use the "True Source" to hide himself. Demendred would not sense the "True Source".

I'm still not convinced Moridin is Ishamael. Maybe I've missed some evidence somewhere. I dont see why Moridin cant be just someone else the DO has been using and preparing for whatever it is he has planed.

As for the third face, I have no idea who it is or what it will have to do with the story.

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Sounds good

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I like the theory.

Once, I submitted a theory about how LTT connected with Rand. (or rather how the taint worked.)

Though for some reason, it wasn't posted on the site...

But I don't think Logain is "the next guy", it doesn't make sence to me.

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Moridin = SuperFade?

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I don't think so. Remember how Moghedien says (before her mindtrap) that she reaches out to Saidar, but nothing's there. Not severed, or shielded, at least not in the normal way. Apparently, Shaidar Haran has some weird ability. But then, Moridin (do we all agree he's Nae'blis? I'm not completely sure, just mostly) might have some abilities, too.

Besides, don't we get a Haran POV? He doesn't sound like Moridin does to me.

the face

Posted by Basil on 10.04.02 11:58
my guess is the third face is that of rand/lews after they merge together. thus the reference to "We (you, i, and the other) are destroyers," (paraphrasing) this is also why the face is vaguely familiar and blurred - the merge has not been complete, and each sees facets of each other in the third face.

I sigh....

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I sigh...your theory is...well I sigh...Lets just face it, Rand is crazy.

Good heavens, that name sounds more cliche everytime I post...


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The guy in the fancloth was Moridin. He had the saa and he channeled the TP.


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moridon is ishamael

i remember one day i sat and worked it out as to why but that was a while back.

but in knife of dreams graeandal says something like, "moridon was insane in his last life as ishamael, graendal had no doubts as to who he used to be"