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Posted by Skach on 18.01.01 00:00

Just a small theory about Lanfear's comeback...

After being resurrected as Cyndane, Lanfear has returned as a much weaker wielder of saidar. Now, for the most part, Forsaken have come back with the same degree of power they held before, so it's a big question why Lanfear's abilities have changed so much. I came up with a couple ideas off the top of my head that might make some sense of it.

1) Moridin, being Ishamael reincarnated, might not want ANY competition for Nae'Blis. It's safe to assume he put a shield on Cyndane to keep her from using her full power and possibly rebelling against him. This doesn't really coincide with the fact that he has her completely in check with the mindtrap anyway, so I think the next theory might be better.

2) The Dark One, in a moment of poetic justice, punished Lanfear by putting a limit on her power the same way she did to Asmodean way back. If she forced Asmodean to live under a shield, perhaps she sees that punishment as the worst agony she could deal with in her own life (she IS a power-hungry person). Knowing she was something greater before would wreak havoc with her self-image... and Cyndane is quite the depression case, after all.

wotmania says: You're right that the resurrected Forsaken have all returned with their ability to channel the same as before. I will be extremely interested to see why Cyndane can channel less than Lanfear - whether she really (by some miracle) isn't Lanfear or if it is Lanfear being punished or something completely different. Maybe we will get a little chunk of the next book from Cyndane's point of view. That would be most excellent...


Theory II

Posted by Jälä on 30.03.01 00:00

Mat will buy Moiraine out(Finnland) with his eye, Lanfear had much more power that Moiraine, so she might have powerful enough to buy herself out from there?????

The Power is not a form of money

Posted by shadow on 06.04.01 00:00
Lanfear buying her way out because of her amount of power..... I don't know about that, unless you know of a way to divide the power into five dollar bills.

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Shields can be broken

Posted by theFisher on 11.04.01 00:00
I seem to recall that when Lanfear put the shield on Asmodean, she said something about the shield being able to be broken, but that it would cause an immense pain. If Cyndane had a shield on her, she would be able to break it if she really wanted to, and if she is Lanfear reincarnated, she probably would try. This is assuming that there is not another type of shield that only lessens the amount of the Power that can be taken in. Also, Moridin might have put the shield on her, and then commanded her to leave it intact, and she would have obeyed with the mindtrap around his neck. He could have done this to keep her identity unknown to the rest of the Forsaken, but for what reason I don't know.


Posted by brad on 20.06.01 01:33
I belive WH mentioned Lafear having greater strength before being taken by the 'finns, not before she died. Very likely she lost power becuase of the 'price' or something else with the 'finns before losing her life as well.

You can't give up strength in the power

Posted by Prince Kheldar on 15.07.01 02:09
If strength in the power is something inborn and natural, noone can take it away except by stilling. you cant "give it up" as a price, because then you would be giving away part of yourself.

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Posted by Warwizard on 12.09.01 18:31
I too don't think that Lanfear aka Cyndane bought her way out of Finnland by loss of channeling-ability. After all she appears in a new body, and that means she died. I think the Finns killed her, and The Big Bad Shaitan took some of her ability to instill some loyalty to her and to teach her a lesson.

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Strength in the Power used to pay a price...

Posted by zaulsiin on 07.10.01 15:46
Just a couple of things that I want to mention.

First, strength in the Power is not necessarily an inborn trait. It is alterable. This is proven by several facts, including a statement made by several Aes Sedai that one must reach their potential through physical attempt, it does not merely happen out of nowhere. You cannot reach your full potential unless you work towards this goal.

Also, strength in the Power can, in a sense, be given up in exchange for a more desirable occurence. The largest example of this occurs with the curing of severence. Women who were once able to channel, and who have been severed from the source, can be cured. This is a proven fact. However, as payment for this cure, they sacrifice much of their previous strength in the power, as in the case of Siuan and Leene.

These prove that, despite what some people have previously said, one's strength in the power is not written in stone. It is actually quite malleable.

Although I do not truly believe that Cyndane and Lanfear are one and the same, I beleive that this evidence at least makes it more plausible. This *COULD* explain their difference in strength with the One Power. Just something to think about...


Posted by Random Jackass on 17.04.02 15:00
isn't it reasonable to assume that Lanfear could have and would have gone to the fins in taol? and if so wouldn't she most likely request additional power? i seem to remember there being a part of one of the books with cydane saying that no one could be stronger than her before the fins got her, this would support the idea that lanfear requested to be the most powerful female chaneler in her first trip. the matter of being able to enter fin land twice could simply be that she was dragged in by moraine which could have caused the distruction of the doorway, because terangrel are virtually indestructable with the exception of balefire and i don't remember that being in the sceen.


Posted by redushab on 01.06.02 20:30
Well, it might be possible that when she fell through the portal she was stilled. Therefor, when resurected part of her power in the source was restored, but she lost a large chunk of it. Much like when Suian was stilled and latter healed by Nyneave.


Posted by Dragons Wriath on 03.06.02 12:45
im pretty sure Cydane says shes weaker because of something the Finns did to her.

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Men V Women

Posted by rLogain on 20.02.03 04:58
Lanfear is the first female we have met to be brought back from the Dead by the Dark One so maybe this is an effect of that, We know that there are differences between saidair and saidin channellers soo this may be the reason for the reduced strength.