The One Power Can't Be "Broken"

Posted by LarZ on 21.01.01 00:00

I have read several theory posts about Rand somehow taking the Wheel off its axle, thereby removing the One Power. While I agree that in a literary way makes sense for a good plot, I don't think it would be very healthy for the WoT universe. We don't know too much about the WoT universe, except that it has physical laws. (Granted they are sometimes limited to only one or some realities, but they exist.) I don't think it would be possible to remove something like the One Power and expect the universe to go on with itself. I would liken this to the removal of a fundamental piece of our own universe. If we decided at some point we had to get rid of, say photons (I'm talking about light, not Star Trek weapons), it would completely unbalance reality as we know it. Everything would fall apart, the universe would collapse, and that would be the end of it. This is assuming that it would be at all possible to do such a thing. So the first question is this: Is the amount of Power Rand can channel enough to rip something away from his universe?

I would say that in all likelihood, probably not. That would require the strength of the Creator, since he DID design the darned thing it seems probable he would have some kind of protection against it. If that still doesn't satisfy you, try answering these ones...

Now we know that the One Power provides the axle for the wheel, but what makes it turn? What powers the weaving of the threads? And most importantly, if the axle were removed, how could it roll? Are we assuming it is just hovering above some vast infinite Wheel of Time highway conveniently placed beforehand by the Creator?

To answer the first two, I would say that the One Power provides everything that the Wheel needs to function. To answer the last, I would say that if such an event were to occur, it is highly unlikely to predict what could happen.

Now, you all are probably expecting me to tell you what I think WILL happen. Here goes... I think this Age will end nearly the same as the last Third Age, and will spew out a new Fourth Age after it. Any predictions are speculative since we only have information on about 2/7 of all time, but I will try. Since WoTWorld is a world of balance, I believe every Age's use of the One Power will be balanced by another. We know both halves were used extensively in the last Age. We know that the male half is not used too much now because of the taint. That means in at least one other Age the Power will be virtually unknown, and in another the female half will be used very little. That leaves three, and your guess is as good as mine. But I digress...

wotmania says: I do not know, I still have a problem with channeling after the Last Battle. Of course, at the same time I have a problem with pulling a major component of Randland out and disturbing the natural order of things... It looks like this might be one of those mysteries that will remain until the final book of the series.


A simple metaphor

Posted by Prophet224 on 02.07.01 13:59
Try pulling your hand off with that same hand.
That is about the same thing Rand would have to do to take the OP out of the pattern. He would, after all, have to use the OP to do so. Of course, if the OP is removed, the wheel and the universe stops,and everything is frozen in a suspended, timeless state until the Creator decides otherwise. Hmmm.... So it could happen, and noone would ever notice, because time would stop.

But we're already after the Last Battle

Posted by Chel Vanin on 02.07.02 15:38
Remember, this age has come and gone, so we are both before and after the Tarmon Gaidon.

Perhaps the whole point of Jordan's story is the breaking of this cycle, but he seems rather fond of it...


Posted by Dannymac247 on 08.03.03 13:04
Very sound thinking. I particularly like the bit concerning an age when the use of Saidar is restricted in some way. There could be various reasons for this (Maybe Saidin is simply discovered first?)

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Posted by firstweaver on 08.05.03 09:48
This is a very good, well thought out theory. (I especially like the metaphor of the hands)

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True Power

Posted by Malkier3 on 27.11.05 00:58
As Prophet224 stated "You can't pull your hand off with the same hand." What if the True Power is the other hand? The Dark One and the Creator would be two sides to the same coin. The Dark One breaks free, and removes the One Power, then seals the creator. Then the Creator gets somepeople to channel the One Power directly from him and drill the bore, then he chooses his Nae'ablis equivalent,
and the Dark one calls up his "Dragon". They meet, if the "Dragon" wins, then nothing happens, if the "Nae'ablis" wins then the creator puts the one power back into the Wheel. Each supernatural being trying to sustain power. Now we have to possibilities, Rand kills the Dark One and the Creators reigns supreme, or the cycle continues, if Rand seals the Dark One he saves all that he cares about. If he loses then the Dark One gains control and tries to kill the Creator, then it repeats itself.


Posted by boaks8 on 16.01.07 23:01
we have always been told, In an age yet to come in an age long past. All ages come again, there is no end to this struggle. TG is a realative term, this will be the last battle for this turning, then the wheel will turn again, restarting the whole cycle, and the never ending weaving.