A Major Piece in the Game

Posted by Geoff on 21.01.01 00:00

I don't know if I just missed this theory in all the posts on the site (I haven't been able to read them all), or if it's just that no one has bothered to post it since the release of The Path of Daggers. This is more of a response to some of the other theories posting that Rand may actually break the Wheel of Time, ceasing the endlessly repeating events surrounding the release/imprisonment of the Dark One. Moridin's favorite game, sha'rah, which he remembers as being ancient even in the Age of Legends, centers around a playing piece called the Fisher. The Fisher is always worked as a man with a bandage blinding his eyes and a hand pressed to his side, where blood drips through his fingers. To me this implies a distant memory of Rand and the struggle between the Light and the Shadow. If it does, that means Rand doesn't break the Wheel; his part is the cycle is back to where it began repeating itself. I know, I know - just because he's bleeding from his side doesn't mean it's Rand. Too much coincidence for me; every event, however minor, can play a major part in Jordan's story. I don't write like a member of the White Ajah, explaining my logic perfectly (as many others on this site do), but felt this should be pointed out, as it's extremely relevant to a possible break of the Wheel.

wotmania says: This is definitely an interesting point, one I had not thought of... But I do not know that the Fisher is a memory of Rand - it may simply be a memory of a person a lot like Rand who went through the same kind of stuff the last time this Age came around the Wheel. I hope you get what I am saying there... It is important to remember, though, that just because the "last Rand" did not break the Wheel does not mean that this Rand will not as well.


That's not possible

Posted by Rinoa on 25.06.01 06:56
It is not possible that Rand breakes the Wheel. If the Wheel breakes,the world is no more. Sinc we have that 'And the glory of the light did shine upon him, and the peace of the light he did give men, binding nations to him, making one of many, yet the shards of heart did give wounds, and what once did come again' from the 4th Age, the world DID survive.
And.. '..what once was DID COME AGAIN'.. since this man has seen the 4th Age(he'sliving there) then he must know what happened in the 3rd. And what did come again, was, of course, not ..oh, god, how do you spell that? ahm.. Well, you say it 'nesseserally' so you get what I mean. Not - thatword- but the wars that wasin the AL. Maybe he's not evenrefering to the AG. I don't know what it means, I just feel lik it's important.

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Posted by starglider on 16.08.01 03:23
Moridin himself suggests that the Fisher could be a distant memory of 'Al Thor'. What I find intersting is the analogy between the game and the battle between light and shade... is RJ telling us something here? The Fisher is the key, controlling him can lead to victory, but is also dangerous - there is a move by which the one controlling the Fisher can lose . I think of the ongoing battle and the coming Tarmon Gaidon as a game between the DO and the Creator. Perhaps at the end, the DO will 'control' Rand (one way or another), but Rand's death will mean the DO's defeat??

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to Starglider

Posted by AIELSEIADOON on 27.08.01 01:11
WOW! I did not catch that at all when I read it. I can see what you are saying. It makes sense. How would the DO control Rand? Will anyone realise he is being controlled by the DO? If so how will they react? Some Aes Sedai are already paranoid about him being influenced by the wrong people.
Good thoughts Starglider.

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Nah, its the fisher king

Posted by King Paitar on 24.02.02 00:13
Sorry, but no matter how old this game is, it's kinda unlikely that it has survived all the way from the last Age of Prophecy. Its probably more likely that it came from the Fisher King, who was in one of the king Arthur stories(I forget it exactly) and had an unhealing wound in his side. Its possible that Rand was the Fisher King in a previous life, but it seems more likely that the game only had to survive a couple of Ages rather than the full seven.

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Posted by jonnyo on 26.08.02 20:21
i'm ignorant to a lot of WoT details, so could someone explain to me what the Fisher does in the game, and what is the objective to the game. thanks

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Posted by khayman89 on 17.11.02 04:58
when playing the game, moridin comments on how the fisher came "from a dim remnent of a memory of rand al'thor." he is also angered by this because he believes he has a right to the knoledge, being linked to rand as he believes.

if i rememer right, egwene also has a dream of rand with a bandage over his eyes, holding a hand to his side, where blood spills out.

Here's a question or two

Posted by Aile Dashar on 03.12.02 00:02
If the DO and the Creator are playing Sha'rah where Rand is the Fisher, then how does Moridin know how to play the game? Where does he fit in, and why does he want "knowledge?" Is he trying to surpass or equal the DO?

We all know that Shaidar Haran is "The Hand of the DO." But what is Moridin? How does he play into this big mess and why is he using the True Source? There's no place in Sha'rah with the Creator side and the DO side with Rand being the Fisher, for Moridin to sneak in there.

I'm speculating, but some have claimed that Moridin is Ishamael reborn. If this is so, then based on what we know of Ishamael's past wishes of wanting to be the DO or surpassing him in power, if you will, then it would make sense that he would want to increase his status as pawn of the DO to the player of the Sha'rah game for the Shadow.

I am knew at this so please help me out.

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the wheel will brake!

Posted by LyLa on 25.03.03 10:59
I think that the wheel will brake, although i'm not sure if the braker will be Rand.
The DO wanted to brake the wheel, so that his reign will continue forever. Maybe Rand got the idea from him, or the DO somehow manage to brake the wheel, and then Rand killedimprisoned him.
And about the new age - maybe they decided it was a new age right after Termon Gaidon, not much much later, and just continue like our world...

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What the hell!?!

Posted by Geoff on 16.05.03 21:11
Man, I don't even vaguely remember writing that...

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sayings of ishmahell

Posted by dacole on 03.06.03 18:30
In the first books does ishmahell not spend a lot of time saying that this cycle is different that here the issue will be decided for all time one way or another that this last battle is truly the LAST BATTLE? He may be wrong but I would not expect him to be since he seemed to be right about most everything else...

Dark One Destroyed?

Posted by I_HATE_NYNAEVE on 29.12.05 02:17
I would really like to see the dark one destroyed.(fullstop) However im not sure how RJ can possibly manage to work that into the story while maintaining credability. I could forgive a lot to see that happen. IF...the dark one is defeated, destroyed and dead (is this possible?) the wheel of time will be broken because the past cycle could not possible be repeated. Also it would provide a very neat ending to a massive series of books, satisfying all readers.

As i type i think of more possibilities, dark one dead - mortal - Possibly human before becomming more - another human could rise to take his place - Rand?? or please, please Demandred! - If the bigass sa angreal have enough power to remove the dark one they may have the power to create one too.

As for the fisher. Just because that occured in the past doesn't mean it was to happen the the future.

I believe the wheel of time will not be broken however it would be cool if it was!

No way

Posted by fainsblade on 18.10.08 08:43
If you break the wheel you destroy time and create caos just like the dark lord wants.BUT maybe he breaks the cycle somehow.


Posted by Ashatishu on 10.07.09 11:51
Picking up on Stargliders comment "The Fisher is the key, controlling him can lead to victory, but is also dangerous - there is a move by which the one controlling the Fisher can lose" and also the early comments from Ishamael about the dark one controlling the Dragon (as has apparently happened in the past) - can anyone see a way where Rand has to surrender to the dark one before he can beat him? Perhaps severing the connection between the Dark Ones true power and the one source? I don't think RJ would have come up with the True Power if it didn't have some major part to play in the books - it's been awhile since i've read any of them but I cant think of any big effects its had yet - can anyone correct me?