Tarmon Gai'don - the LAST Battle

Posted by Frank Herrera on 21.01.01 00:00

There have been questions at to whether Tarmon Gai'don will be the final battle between the Dark One and the Dragon. I am certain it will be.

Of course, I have heard the argument that the Wheel of Time will continue to turn and that, while the Dark One may be defeated, the Pattern will repeat itself and he will be let loose once again to wreak havoc on the world and the Dragon shall be reborn and another Tarmon Gai'don will follow. Ishamael has eluded to the fact, and so have many others, that this struggle between the Shadow and the Light personified by the Dark One and the Dragon has occurred thousands of times with the turning of the Wheel of Time. And of course, we all understand that when an Age is repeated, it is not completely repeated. By this I mean that there are always similarities in the Ages, but they are not replicas of the previous turning of the Wheel. However, in this case there are several major differences in the Pattern that distinctly indicate that this Tarmon Gai'don is for all of the marbles. All the marbles? I mean the Dark One will be defeated once and for all. The major differences are the following:

This is all I have so far. See what you think. As far as to what the outcome will be after Tarmon Gai'don? I don't know.

wotmania says: I hate to disagree (rather strongly, actually), but... We know virtually nothing about the last time this Age came around. The only thing that looks like it might relate to the last time "Rand" was alive in a previous Age is the Fisher from sha'rah. That's it. To say that saidin was never tainted before is simply a guess, not based on fact. Maybe Rand in this Age cleanses saidin. Then the next time the "Age of Legends" rolls around it ends up tainted again and the "next Rand" has to deal with the madness all over again. The same goes for three ta'veren, the Forsaken, the Breaking, etc. It is important to remember that this is not the replay of the Age of Legends - it is a replay of the last time the "Third Age" came around the Wheel. Most of this theory is based on things we cannot possibly know, since pretty much nothing is known about the last time this Age took place.


One thing to point out

Posted by Arien on 02.04.01 00:00
Just one of the points stood out to me as having little merit. The Green Man is a Nym; created in the Age of Legends and therefore could not have been around since "the beginning of time." It was just the beginning of time from his perspective. Most of the other points are a bit more valid, in my opinion, even though we really know nothing about the last time the Third Age came around. All that said, I am sticking with the theory that Tarmon Gai'don is just one more turn in the Wheel of Time; not the end of the world.


nobody said it was easy/nobody said it would be this hard

This is all speculation!

Posted by wismail on 02.05.02 16:27
Without evidence from an Age before the AoL, you can neither prove nor disprove your point!


Posted by the_gleeman on 28.06.03 03:35
It sounds good, but give me some proof!!!

You list all these "facts" and don't support them.


Posted by TheTrickster on 13.08.03 14:16
The Nym was from the AoL as rand saw while in rhuidean.
And how do you know none of that stuff ever happened before? Without any evidence from the age before AoL this is all conjecture

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and all the mortals who stain it

All shall kneel before me or they will be knelt

Im usually a believer against this

Posted by sabin on 20.02.05 08:01
But you have some nice points to as why this TG will be the LAST one. Your just lacking proof.

How do you know Saidin or even Saidar were never tainted 1000 ages ago? How do you know the Aiel have never been fierce? How do you know there have never been three Ta'veren involved before? This would all make sense, with some evidence. to bad the Guide's not saying anything before the AoL...(Hint Hint, Rj...)


to finite

Posted by napoleonCoplin on 13.09.05 23:14
Your thinking is too finite. WOTland is on an infinte scale. the wheel has not turned thousands of times, its turned over 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999X10^9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 times! there is nothing that has not happened before, because if there are infinite ages, then all infinite possibilities have been played out already! Read some of the Theories for Academics, then maybe you'll get it.

It's not apples and oranges, but no one paying attention could compare these apples without noticing:
(a) one is 12 times bigger and
(b) both of them are rutabagas.


Posted by napoleonCoplin on 13.09.05 23:16
The mathematical impossibility I threw in was deliberate. If I confuse you, thats because you're inferior.

It's not apples and oranges, but no one paying attention could compare these apples without noticing:
(a) one is 12 times bigger and
(b) both of them are rutabagas.


Posted by napoleonCoplin on 13.09.05 23:17
would the admins pleas remove some of my nines, they make the page really hard to read

It's not apples and oranges, but no one paying attention could compare these apples without noticing:
(a) one is 12 times bigger and
(b) both of them are rutabagas.


Posted by shipoopi512 on 15.07.06 17:09
All your "facts" are from the AOL, the second age. The "Wheel" has 7 spokes, or seven ages, and it is not the same age that repeats every time, it is a set of 7 ages, thus you need to look at the last 3rd age, not this second age for your information.