A New Library

Posted by Doug on 21.01.01 00:00

Min has a viewing that one of the Aes Sedai was going to found a huge library. This hardly seems like something someone would do in the middle of the current chaos in the world and with Tarmon Gai'don rapidly approaching. I think this is a viewing of something that will happen after the Dark One is defeated or sealed away! Here's the viewing:

"Light, she (Beldeine) was going to bond an Asha'man as a Warder! And there was nothing useful in knowing some man would melt her (Sarene).One red-and-green aura spoke of honors, and fame. A huge building appeared over her had and vanished. A library she would found." The Path of Daggers (560)

wotmania says: Certainly an interesting point! And you are certainly correct, no one is going to be founding any libraries in the upcoming months. Perhaps this is a little extra proof that Rand will win Tarmon Gai'don. Nice theory!


What about Rand's Schools?

Posted by apk5 on 04.04.01 00:00
Just to throw something into the mix....What about Rand's schools? He is starting something now so why couldnt the library be started now in the hopes of preserving for after the war.


Posted by Lord Nazh on 14.04.01 00:00
I agree with apk5, Rand is creating schools in this 'chaos' so it is possible a library could be built...

well most likely, but....

Posted by Jaichim on 27.07.01 09:19
Just to play devils advocate, i feel i must point out that rand has founded a school in the middle of all this chaos, so that viewign dosent mean the DO will be sealed away.

personally i think that is what will happen, RJ dosent ahve the guts to let the dark one win.

again jst playing devils advocate

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Posted by Fade on 30.08.01 12:09
How about this? Her Ashaman Warder will tell her things about the power that she did not know. The library is just a symbol for the knowledge.


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a comment on Wotmania's comment

Posted by zeddicus on 29.09.01 14:19
unfortunately I must disagree with Wotmania's comment that no body will be founding any libraries. We have already seen Rand start several schools and libraries with those schools.

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Posted by The Dragon Lews TheRIN on 08.06.02 23:10
Mr. Wotmania, sir (newbie attempting to kiss sum arse before disagreeing with webmaster)... do we really need anymore proof that Rand will win the Last Battle? You honestly think that RJ (may the Light forever illumine his name) would end the series with the Shadow taking over the world? I don't think so.

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Guts aren't the issue...

Posted by Nameless Ashaman on 10.09.02 15:01
Does anyone really WANT the DO to win? The only thing worse than a "tacked-on happy ending" is a "tacked-on unhappy ending". The idea that a tragic ending is somehow more artistic or "hardcore" has always bothered me.

Or perhaps you were just referring to the thousands of fans who would lynch him? I guess maybe it would take a lot of guts...

Regarding the actual theory... I think she'll found the library after TG, but I don't think it's impossible that she does it before either. So I'm neutral.

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Posted by sabin on 15.02.05 21:55
min said 'a library she would found', and somewhere else, she said that the words came with the viewings. i would assume the thoughts also do. so she WILL found a library. or is it will find a library...? i hate grammar...

however, in response to the theory, i think there's still time to found (find) a library before TG. well, maybe not, considering the way jordan writes... i dunno...

I have no idea how he's gonna finish the series in only two books. there's a TON to resolve.


Too much thinking to be done on this subject.... *NM*

Posted by Moghedian_the_spider on 17.05.05 15:01

the wheel of time turns.....
rand was killed by me
die moiraine die

Beldeine the Keeper

Posted by kARIATH mALAKHAN on 02.10.05 21:14
I am of the opinion that Beldeine will become Egwene's Keeper, and after Tarmon Gai'don, she will reestablish the Tower library out of the ashes of Tar Valon. Assuming that the White Tower will be attacked, which is probably quite likely.