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This Whitecloak thread to me isn’t a very important one, but I am just curious as to what role the Children of the Light will play in the story line leading to Tarmon Gai’don. In the WoT universe, the Whitecloaks are untrusting of anyone having anything to do with the White Tower, the One Power, or the Dragon Reborn; even going so far as naming them Darkfriends. And now with the Asha’man added to the fray, this furthers the Whitecloaks’ isolation. I don’t think the Whitecloaks will be much of a factor, if at all, when the Last Battle arrives. Some say that Galad will restructure and then lead the Whitecloaks on the side of Light at Tarmon Gai’don under the Dragon Reborn. But could the Whitecloaks fight with or alongside Power-wielding "Tar Valon Witches" and Asha’man? More than likely they will fight for the Light but as a separate unit, swearing fealty to no one but the Light. I am curious to see what happens in the upcoming books with them.

wotmania says: The Whitecloaks are finding themselves increasingly outnumbered, in that the power in the world is now going to forces they swear are Darkfriends - the forces of the Shadow, Aes Sedai, Rand, and the Asha’man. I do not know whether or not Galad will change the Whitecloaks. I can certainly see them fighting at Tarmon Gai’don, though, and their independence causing Rand additional problems Rand can ill afford.


Importance of Whitecloaks

Posted by Wolf on 21.11.01 11:44
I don't think RJ throws anything into his books just for the sake of taking up space. Rand seems to overcome all other obstacles in one bizarre way or another, having the whitecloaks eventually submit to him is, I think, very likely. I think their role is yet to be defined--like so many things in RJ's books.


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I believe the wc's days are numbered. They are the closest things to DF's ive seen yet. They are for the most part mean and vile people looking for anyone they can bully. I'm thinking they will end up fighting against almost everyone thinking everyone is in league with DF's and the last battle is kinda like Niall's vision of masses of DF's and dreadlords (channelers) pouring out of the blight. All Aes Sedai (witches) and Ashaman will be lumped into that category. So far everything they have done has caused problems and they have been on the wrong side. And im thinking there will be no place for such in the new age. But then again im kinda leaning towards Saren (questioner) as being Demandred in disquise. So no doubt i could be way off.