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Posted by Korvikh on 22.01.01 00:00

I read the theory recently posted about Whitecloaks concerning Tarmon Gai’don and an interesting thought occurred to me. I’m sure most people remember Galad constantly mentioning the founder of the Whitecloaks (I forget his name) and how he looks up to and respects his ideals. I think that he will be disgusted when he learns of the corruption, lies, and deceit that have infiltrated the Whitecloaks and.... I’m going out on a very big limb here.... Create a break away group of Whitecloaks. I’m sure Galad will serve some good in Tarmon Gai’don, but as a Whitecloak I don’t think it is possible. He’ll have to either defy the Whitecloaks or leave them to do anything good. Further reasons that I think he will be good is.... The Amyrlin will be his sister in law, his mother was trained in the Tower, his half sister will be Aes Sedai, his half brother will be both a Warder and Aes Sedai sympathizer. If Galad’s group does break away, look for it to leave behind the old guard such as Eamon Valda and Jaichim Carridin and mainly consist of younger Children of the Light. I think these people will realize Aes Sedai are agents of Light and not Shadow. In response to the previous theory, I think they are too full of the Shadow, corruption, and lies to turn to the Light. They would trust nobody except themselves, and certainly not Rand, who is reborn as a man who broke the world.

wotmania says: Now this is an idea that I like. Galad obviously is going to do something with the Whitecloaks. I (like a lot of people) thought he might eventually take over. Galad leading away a splinter group is just as possible, though. I do not think the Whitecloaks, in general, are full of the Shadow - they are simply misguided. Galad could turn this new group into what the Whitecloaks should actually be.


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Posted by -=OSAN-GAR=- on 06.08.01 11:03
When mentoining his sister, mother, sister-in-law, and all that, you forgot THE MOST IMPORTANT! his half brother

Who is his half brother?

Rand Al'Thor, the Dragon Reborn


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Posted by KinslayX on 17.01.02 01:02
I agree that he will have a lot to think about, but you also left out the fact that Rand is his half brother, thus again attaching a string to him to accept channelers.