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Posted by Asha’man Joe on 22.01.01 00:00

I have to agree that Galad will do "something" about the Whitecloaks. As he admires the founder, he will rebuild the Children of the Light and bring them back to their original purpose, which I guess was to serve the Light.

Still, one thing has been plaguing my mind ever since the Seanchan took over the Fortress of the Light... How many Whitecloaks are there left? Their headquarters were attacked, and I don’t think they surrendered, which means that all of those who were in the Fortress at the time of the attack were killed.

Maybe I’m just delirious, but it’s something to think about...

wotmania says: Even if every Whitecloak in the Fortress of the Light was killed by the Seanchan, there are certainly quite a few floating around out there. If Galad does in fact start to rebuild the Children, he will most likely have a small group to start with. It would be nice to see the Whitecloaks fighting for the Light more effectively.


how many???

Posted by Imagen on 09.07.01 17:45
I think in WH Balwer says something about there being 10,000 WhiteCloaks around, but i could be wrong.


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If Polgara and Sephrenia helped out, poor Rand would be doing whatever any woman told him to do.

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