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I just wanted to know what was going on with the document that Queen (or former Queen) Morgase signed for Pedron Niall. Does this document switch over to all Whitecloaks, Eamon Valda, or was it specifically for Niall? Either way, I think that Andor will be besieged by the Seanchan, and one side or the other will have that document. Either the Whitecloaks will use this to gain entry into Andor anyway, or Morgase will use it to force the Whitecloaks into helping defend Andor. With the second possibility, this could be a turning point for Galad. I think that Eamon Valda (if he’s alive) or whoever the Lord Captain Commander is will resent being forced into something and go back on his word. Galad will dislike the fact that Whitecloaks go back on their word and/or resent the fact that the Whitecloaks won’t defend his mother’s kingdom, even though he is obviously rising fast as a commander of the future. This will probably be the trigger he needs to set up his own group of Whitecloaks, a disagreement about Andor with the Lord Captain Commander.

wotmania says: Hmmm... The Whitecloaks refusing to help defend Andor would certainly be a good reason for Galad and his side to splinter off (or for Galad to take control of the whole operation). But the Whitecloaks will certainly need help to deal with the Seanchan (read that as help fighting damane). Of course, led by Galad they probably will not hold to the incorrect belief that Aes Sedai and Asha’man are all Darkfriends.


Galad will kill Valda...

Posted by Nameless Ashaman on 10.09.02 16:24
... when he discovers that Valda took advantage of Morgase.
He will likely take control of any surviving Whitecloaks, but whether or not they join Rand is debatable.

I've been dying to know what happened to that document. I'm convinced it's going to cause somebody some problems down the line, although I don't see how... It should be meaningless to the Seanchan (it doesn't grant them any rights), and the Whitecloaks seem to be in no shape to make use of it (they're defeated and scattered, with worse yet to come I'm sure). The only thing it will do is further discredit Morgase (who most people believe is dead anyway). This could hurt Elayne's chances of securing the Lion Throne. However, as I see Galad controlling the Whitecloaks, he wouldn't want that...

So it seems important, and yet also useless...

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We all know by know that the whitecloaks are going to play some part in the last battle or jardan wouldn't have introduced them into the story,I think Galad is the whiteclak in the shaidao camp who keeps trying to run away, and whenever Perrin goes to rescue faile, the whitecloaks
"by chance" will be tring to rescue Galad which will of course lead into a big argument between the two. But I think
Valda will See Morgase and Tell perrin he will follow Perrin
to try and gain some power where ever perrin goes. Thus Galad will see the evil in the whitecloaks and will try to bring them back to the light which will end up with him somehow siding with Rand and the Whitecloaks will soon follow. I don't know how Jordan will do it but he is a genuis and it will work