Are Mat and Tuon Already Married?

Posted by Kaerie on 19.01.01 00:00

Has anyone considered the possibility that Mat and Tuon are already married? I know that in some real life cultures, all you have to do to marry a person is say you are married to them or call them your spouse or something. Mat says Tuon is his wife (3 times, actually). Maybe that is all you have to do in Seanchan?

Notice Egeanin's response to this. Instead of saying something like, "What the heck are you talking about?!?!" she says something completely different. I mean, if someone said they were married to someone they weren't married to, wouldn't people be likely to just say, "Whatever!" or "Huh?" But Egeanin says, "You cannot say that! You must not say that!" Of course, she could just mean that in her culture saying something like that about a person of Tuon's status is just an invitation to get your extremities chopped off or something, but I don't think so.

When Mat asks why he can't say these things, no one says anything. Before, Egeanin mentions that "it is death by slow torture to lay hands on the Daughter of the Nine Moons!" So if punishment was all she was talking about when referring to Mat's claim that Tuon is his wife, it isn't unreasonable to assume she would have asserted that again. You know, something like, "You cannot say that if you want to keep your head!" or something. Also, notice Noal laughs. Perhaps he knows Seanchan culture (he is very worldly) and he thinks it is funny that Mat doesn't and has just accidentally gotten married. Most everyone else is just staring at him in shock. Selucia even suddenly agrees to obey him (after a look of consternation), as long as he doesn't hurt Tuon.

Pento McGreno says: I don't believe it. A theory I haven't heard before. Anyway, to get back to the point, I say that it would be very amusing for that to happen, and not unlike Jordan to throw it in. Though I still think that he needs to throw in a threesome with Mat, Tuon and Tylin, or a foursome, with Rand,, that's not it. Forget the guys, and just have a huge lesbian orgy. I'm willing to wait for that.



Posted by Efreet on 22.06.01 11:33
We actualy discussed this at Asmodean's (sob). Anyways, I agree, its just the sort of thing that 1: will get them married despite the appartent dificulties, and 2: will make life more interesting for poor Matt.


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of all the stupid questions...

Posted by mierin sedai on 15.07.01 08:45
of course they are already married. This is R.J.-books, remember?

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There oughtta be a law...

Posted by eagle5 on 21.01.02 01:27
You mean like the American culture called a "common law" marrige? Possibly, but typically there has to be some agreement on the part of the woman or her family. Now I personally disagree, but I'm guessing that there's probably nothing on the Randland lawbooks about claiming somebody is your wife if she's not (which would allow for no obvious bodily harm remarks). Obviously from the remarks (and several character's memories) you are not allowed to harm the Blood. Selucia's behavior is to be expected if you consider that the High Lord's servants stabbed themselves after he died.
However, if you want a different theory altogether for Tuon's smile (like she knows something) at the end, what do you want to guess that Mat is the reason Tuon through a fit and caned the damane? "My Lady, I see that some commoner gambler is going to walk in, claim you as his own, and carry you off somewhere." That'd go over REAL good (it'd make me loose MY temper).

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Probably to be mat

Posted by shifty on 25.06.02 21:44
Let me put it this way If In Seanchan all you have to say is Youre marriedand you are then as far as tuons concerned they are

but if so Mat has noidea they already are married

the last thing we hear from mat in WH is

A boy slim little woman, when he liked women with flesh on their bones. Heir to the seanchan throne, when noblewomen gave him goosebumps. A woman who had wanted to buy him, and now likely wanted to put a knife in his ribs. And she WOULD BE his wife.

This implies that Mat doesnt think Theyre married however note what Mat observes about Tuon right then

At last Tuon showed expression. She smiled, as if she suddenly knew a secret. She smiled and he shivered, Oh light how he shivered.

So My guess is Tuon indeed knows theyre married but Mat certainly does not


sounds ok...

Posted by Egwene the Dreamer on 06.07.02 23:06
i mean, it seems probable that rj could put something like this into the plot, especially with mat, since he'll make the events to come even more humerous. i know this would really stink, especially if it turned out that he hated tuon or something, but somehow, i doubt that could happen. mat is the type to get along with most people.

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Posted by Fifth Stage Erikson on 23.12.02 23:51
... The implications here are pleasantly mind-boggling and all too believable. However, with the advent of CoT, I think I might disagree...

... There doesn't seem to be any indication of it in chapter one...

... *crosses fingers*

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good for you!

Posted by Moiraine44 on 02.02.03 19:36
you figured it out before CoT!!! *hands out kudos*

hot damn.


Posted by thedarKforce on 24.03.03 21:58
i though i remebered reading something about the saying 3 times that some1 is your wife/husband all they have to do is say they are your spouse 3 times within a year and boom your officially married in seachen. Im not sure its right because i forget where i read it. might of been in CoT. though im pretty sure its in an exchange between mat and Doman's master or whatever he is to her now.....i just cant spel the name.(this is what i think, im rereading everything so i may find it then, thou im only on Wheel)

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maybe u posted thoery before cot but....

Posted by Death Watch guard on 04.05.03 03:43
EACH of them have say that to be married in a year and a day or something.

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penguins will come into storyline i just kno it