Galad for Lord Captain Commander

Posted by Ando’man on 22.01.01 00:00

I think that after the recent devastation of Amadicia, and most likely the executions of the Children’s leaders, Galad will soon lead the Children to glory along the guidelines set in the original founder’s image of what they should be.

His nobility, strength, and charisma make him a very likely choice for the remaining Children to follow. Bornhald’s whelp, another possible leader, will lose his backing because he is consumed with avenging his father’s death.

wotmania says: I would absolutely love to see Galad in charge of the Whitecloaks, and I think it will happen to. Would anyone else enjoy a Dain vs. Galad duel? I think we know who would win that one...



Posted by random on 20.08.01 15:11
What I would love to see is for the whitecloaks to completely dissapeer. Thee are too much of a Inquisitional force in Randland. Awnserable to none but themselves and with a military force equal to most nation, Facism at it's best folks. I really want to see the scene when Galad and Rand realize they are Brothers.


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I don't think so...

Posted by Kitty-cat on 09.08.02 13:46
I agree it does seem that that is a likely possibility...however, the Children are very scattered right now thanks to the Seanchan...I believe that Rand will scatter the Seanchan eventually and the Children will then not have as much control as before...anywho...that's just my two-cents.

Galad will kill Valda...

Posted by Nameless Ashaman on 10.09.02 16:17
... after encountering his Mother (in-law) Morgase. The Whitecloaks will be rebuilt in Galad's image (i.e. they will finally be what they are supposed to be).

They may or may not join Rand, and they may or may not survive TG.

Dain will be killed or converted by Perrin.

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