Two Rights

Posted by Randbug1 on 22.01.01 00:00

I agree that the Whitecloaks will play a part in the final battle. Jordan is a master at character development, and I think Galad is due for an epiphany. My theory is that Galad will be faced with two rights that will make him rethink everything he believes in. He believes Aes Sedai are bad, Rand is bad, and that the Whitecloaks are good. I think he will be faced with the truth that Rand is the Dragon Reborn and that if he doesn't succeed, the world is doomed. He will bring the Whitecloaks under Rand. Galad will realize that Rand represents the Light, and that is how he will get the rest of the Whitecloaks to follow - pointing out that Rand is the Dragon Reborn and he is the only hope of stopping the Shadow.

The Whitecloaks will flock to follow Galad, raising the ranks of Whitecloaks to many more than ever before. Galad will control an army Whitecloaks such as the world has never seen. But they will be what they were intended to be - people who live in the Light and truly strive to fight the Shadow. Galad's rightness will rub off on the rest of them. I also think he will get rid of the Questioners.

wotmania says: I agree that Galad will take over the Whitecloaks, and a dilemma similar to what you suggest might be just what it takes to get Galad moving in the right direction. And I would love to see Galad get rid of the Questioners - I do not like them very much...



Posted by signoff on 15.02.02 15:30
You are right, Galad will absolutly play a main part in Whitcloaks destiny.

Then Again

Posted by Lord_Dragon on 21.02.02 00:18
Or he might learn of Valda's treachery and finally figure the Whitecloak's to be a bunch bigots and leave them for good and join Rand instead. BUt all in all, I still think it makes more sense fo RJ to continue using the Whitecloaks as a force rather then let them be 'weaved' out of the wheel. With that in mind, I'm guessing it's highly probable that the Galad-Whitecloak thingy is gonna happen. Good theory.


Posted by Abby on 26.06.02 14:03
Galad is a nicely ambiguous character, but I think he's gonna swing toward the side of evil before (and if) he joins the forces of the Light. RJ favors protagonists who have flaws or corruptions, or at least some human-like personality.

He may take over the Whitecloaks, but after he does, I think he'll be controlled like a puppet (a la Sheriam) by Asunawa and the Shadow. Only something that traumatic would convince him that he needs to support Rand and Aes Sedai.

I have a different vision of Galad's future

Posted by Niall Reborn on 08.08.02 00:08
I have a feeling that Jordan will be too sorely tempted to pit brother against brother (Tigraine is the mother of both, right? If not, let me know!) in a big sword duel. He's been building up to it for many books. Lan tells us that Rand is a blademaster at this point. So does a lot of other evidence. Meanwhile Galad has developed into one as well (remember when he and the Shienarans spirited Nynaeve away from Masema? He was unstoppable). Maybe we can both be right. Maybe Rand will best him in the sword duel but not kill him outright. Then maybe Galad will come to the right way of thinking. But I'd put it as a 1-5 proposition that we're headed for this swordfight before anything else can happen with these brothers. And Galad might just have to bite the dust. Somebody has to! Plus he's boring and useless -- expendable to the extreme. Not so much as Gawyn, but who is. But don't get me started on that there any rumor he won't swallow whole?

P.S. Slayer is Lan's problem to eventually deal with for similar fraternal (fratricidal in this case) reasons. This I put at 1-10. It is going to happen, people. Lan might not survive it, but it's going down.

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Galad is in for a shock...

Posted by Nameless Ashaman on 10.09.02 16:11
First,I believe that Galad is Berelain's "man in white", therefore it's a given he's with the Whitecloak force that is going to play some part in Perrin's near future.

Doesn't this mean that Galad is likely to encounter Morgase? If he finds out that Valda took advantage of his mother, then a Whitecloak power struggle is guaranteed!

Besides, Galad is just the fellow to whip those misguided fools into something useful. He may not be the most personable character in the series, but he is clearly the most selfless, and I have to respect that.

P.S. Gawyn must die!

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Posted by goldeyes on 08.07.03 11:17
i think it is safe to say that galad=galahad from legend of king arthur. What happened to galahad? he was the undefeted knight who lost a fight with arthur and then became a loyal knight. hope galad doent play out that predictbly.