It Was Lanfear!

Posted by Korvikh on 22.01.01 00:00

I think the killer was Lanfear. Think about it, she could kill instantly (One Power, or True Power), was recognizable to Asmodean (She was CHOSEN!), Asmodean doesn't expect her (she’s supposed to be dead or in the doorway), and a possible motive could be that she didn't want Rand to find out from Asmodean that she was back from the doorway. After weighing it up, she's my most likely pick.

wotmania says: It is also my belief that Lanfear was the killer. I think her main reason for doing so, though, was to prevent Asmodean from teaching Rand any more than he already had. Soon, she would no longer be stronger than this second coming of the Dragon.


cant be lanfear

Posted by demianis on 06.04.01 00:00
she died, and was reborn as cyndane

Possibly but the reason is different

Posted by Dora Sedai on 15.04.01 00:00
If Lanfear killed Asmodean, it was because he let Rand sleep with Aviendha and didn't tell her. Kadere told her about it and that Asmo kept it hidden. Kadere was killed for the same reason. Why let Asmo escape her wrath?

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Posted by kane on 15.06.01 14:12
How Could Asmodean recodnise Lanfear? She looks like a young big breasted girl as i remember. asmodean had never seen Cyndane before AND she must ave recived orders from Mordidin since he have her soul inn his necklace.

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Mirror o' Mists

Posted by MoelBrain on 23.09.01 20:27
Couldn't Cyndane/Lanfear use the power Mirror of Mists to look like Lanfear and go to Asmodean.

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Re. Moelbrain's Post

Posted by Lightbringer on 15.01.02 06:44
Why would she do that and risk letting anyone who might recognize her know she is back? I think it was Demandred.

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I dont think so

Posted by theguy32 on 19.02.02 13:15
The only problem with this theory is that lanfear died, we all know that from book 9.
So how would asmodean know what she would look like because she had a new body. So I dont realy think he would of known her.
Because when he was killed he he said "... you" or something like that I dont remenber the words but I know that he reconized who she was.


Posted by Uno1 on 08.05.02 22:43
ur flamin confusing me u woolhead sheephearder i dont know what the flamin ashes u are saying.

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My first guess

Posted by Joe al Holz on 14.05.02 15:34
When I read tFoH for the first time, I thought it was Lanfear.She seemed to fit, and may usedMask of MIrrors.
Personally, I think it was Taim. A very subtle clue is the punctuation, "You?"
He didn't say, "You!"
As if it was someone he didn't immediately fear, then instantly realizing he was toast. (No pun intended.)Asmodean could recognize Taim, simply because (this is still conjecture at this point) Taim had been invited to "join the crew" of Forsaken. When he was sprung from captivity in Saldea, it could havebeen done by some Forsaken, who immediately began extolling the virtues of joining the forces of the Dark One (namely, not succumbing to the taint.)
Demandred took a liking to the guy (owing to some resemblance) and trained Taim to his liking.
When it later became clear the Asmo was teaching Rand, Demandred (who is known to use proxies) ordered Taim to kill Asmodean.
How convenient that Taim shows up very shortly after Rand's teacher "disapears."
Seeing Taims's PoV on his conversion to the Shadow would help. Of course, having Asmo's killer confess in the series would help even more. ;-)

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I Agree! It was Lanfear

Posted by trzaska2000 on 31.05.02 12:20
I agree with the original was Lanfear. I'm not going to agrue the point line-by-line, since it has been done already, but I'm going to take a different approach.

Jordan said in an interview, the killer should be obvious and he wasn't trying to trick anyone. Literally speaking, the relevant chapters make it appear that Lanfear is the obvious choice who killed Asmo. Why?

Because the entire chapters were about Rand, Lanfear, and Asmo. Lanfear disliked Asmo, Asmo was afraid of her, she just vanished into the doorway, she could use balefire.....etc. Since Jordan thought it was clear who the killer was, Lanfear is the only choice.....

If it isn't Lanfear, than Jordan is trying to trick us, which he doesn't do as a writer. Sure, Jordan rarely gives us all the information on a matter, but he has never given us false information or jerked us around.


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Had to be..

Posted by liesh on 02.06.02 18:03
Lanfear. Its possible that he recognized her because she used the mask o'mirrors or mist or whatever it is, the illusion trick, for him to see her as she is, not as Cyndane. That way, he would KNOW who killed him. People with revenge in their minds normally do crazy stuff like that, let the person they are killing know who they are and what not. Its a good plot tug.

I agree

Posted by Diogenes on 25.07.02 14:41
I think Lanfear being the killer makes the most sense. It would have to be one of the Forsaken, no one else is powerful enough. It would have to be a female or someone using the True source becuase Rand would presumably detect a male chanleing strong enough to use balefire. Lanfear is the only one with a strong enough motive. She has a twofold motive first she told Asmo to teach Rand, but didn't want Asmo to teach Rand too much and second she wanted Asmo to keep Rand from becoming involved with another woman. Asmo failed at both. Rand learned enough to challenge her when she confronted him, and he slept with someone else. While one of the other forsaken could have done it, it seems to me that if they wanted to do so they would have done so earlier, which seems to indicate that they felt the risk was greater than the reward. So it would take someone acting rashly, which Lanfear has shown herself being capable of doing. As for the earlier comments about Lanfear getting a new body I think all that happened after she killed Asmo. So the timeline would be 1)pushed throught he doorway 2) escapes from the doorway 3)kills Asmo and then sometime after that gets summoned by the DO and punished etc.


Posted by Knight_of_The_Dragon on 15.11.02 09:52
It was Graendal you fools, using either the True Power or using Saidar and escaping fast enough and not leaving a trace of Asmodean's body so that even if other channelers felt it, well they were surrounded by women channeling why the hell would one more make a difference.

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Posted by Mankel on 02.01.03 13:11
Hating to state the ovious but wasent Lanfear dead by then!!!!!

How Lanfear did it!

Posted by BradB on 27.01.03 01:31
Lanfear and Morraine went into the wish-granting gateway. If Cyndane is Lanfear, Lanfear died. We know either Morraine killed Lanfear, the wish granters killed Lanfear, or Lanfear died after leaving the wish granters. Given Lanfear's strength vs. Morraine I assume the 2nd is much more likely - RJ wouldn't have killed Lanfear off camera immediately after we assume she died somewhere else.

Matt didn't know the gateway granted wishes, and since Lanfear didn’t use the gateway before (or she couldn’t have entered), she may not have known either – wouldn’t Lanfear have used it before if she knew?

The wish granters said that Matt was lucky to have wished for a way out. Lanfear did not wish for a way out – or she’d still have her original body. That means Lanfear got 3 wishes granted and then she died.

So what would Lanfear wish for? Knowing she had 3 wishes, and a perfectly rational mind, she’d ask for Rand’s love, to be Nae Bliss, etc. Knowing no more than Matt, she probably spouted out angry demands similar to what he did. “This is that fool Asmodean’s fault! I wish I could…”

It was Graendal

Posted by esteiner on 12.03.03 16:02
RJ says it should be obvious to the casual observer. The whole battle between Rand and Rahvin, Moghedien is babbling about Rahvin and Graendal scheming together. Rahvin makes a gateway to go to T'A'R in the flesh. Why? Because Graendal is there to help him (Moghedien says he is not a good Dreamer). But during the whole battle, we don't see Graendal. In the battle from Rand's POV, he assumes Rahvin is using T'A'R to change him into a beast, etc. IMO some of that was Graendal. After Rahvin gets balefired, Graendal stays hidden for a while so she doesn't get balefired, then Travels back to the real Caemlyn from where she was hiding, whereupon Asmodean opens up the door and BAM! That could also be why it was You? instead of You! He was questioning why Graendal would be there at all.

Again, let me reiterate RJ says it should be obvious to the casual observer. He also said we have all the clues we need at the end of book 5. At this point, we have no reason to suspect Lanfear is still alive, and no reason to suspect the DO can ressurect fallen Chosen. That is not obvious. In addition, Lanfear was ressurected as Cyndane. He would not recognize Cyndane. Saying that Lanfear died, got resurrected, then Traveled to Caemlyn, then was behind the exact door Asmodean went to and had the foresight (or stupididty) to use the Mask of Mirrors in Caemlyn where Rand, Aviendha and who knows who else that just saw her half an hour ago and would recognize her on sight, just so Asmodean would know who killed him, does not seem very obvious to me at all.

There is also the point that later in the series Graendal speaks of Asmodean as if he is dead, when none of the other Forsaken or Rand know what happened to him, and most think he fled.

Thanks to the above post

Posted by Buazag on 25.04.03 14:26
I can simply say that I agree and not have to make a long post why

Greandal is the most plausible choice IMO. No one else combines motive with opportunity nearly as well. The quick manner in which Asmodean is disposed of leads one to believe that the one power is used to kill him. His surprised reaction suggests that the killer is someone he knew and didn't expect to be there. Add to this the fact that Greandal seemingly has more knowledge about Asmodean being dead than the other chosen and I think it's fairly clear if not quite crystal that she is responsible.

OK so I guess I kinda said why after all =D