Is Asmodean Really Dead?

Posted by Rani on 22.01.01 00:00

It was written that "death took him." It is often mentioned that Moridin is a "man who calls himself death." Maybe Asmodean is trapped like Moghedien is, in the mindtraps of Moridin (mind that he has two traps ).

wotmania says: Moridin does indeed have two mind traps, but I doubt one of them is Asmodean. Robert Jordan said at one point that everything we needed to know to figure out this puzzle was in the book by The Fires of Heaven. We had not met Moridin yet by that point, so it would seem to rule this out. Besides, that second mindtrap is almost certainly Cyndane.


I love you Asmodean

Posted by Bob the Penguin on 04.11.01 12:35
I don't want Asmodean to be dead. He was like, the coolest of the Forsaken. Maybe the DO will give him a new body and name. I really don't remember very well, but I don't think that if he is dead, he would have been killed by balefire bacause it mentions that the Forsaken are loathe to use it, and who would use it, if they had already had him by surprise. I doubt we see him again, but I will always remember the good times we had, Asmodean.

I agree, mistaken though I may be....

Posted by grunge*maiden on 16.10.02 10:26
I actually had that same thought, although I thought the cour'souvra would be somewhere other than Moridin, perhaps it was given to Semirhage.....