Asmodean’s Killer

Posted by Narin Dulon on 22.01.01 00:00

My support for who killed is more than likely Graendal, who seems extremely confident that Asmodean is dead with no known proof of this, while many of the others seem perplexed to his status or whereabouts. However one idea I would like to try is that with Lanfear and Moiraine being flung into the Tower of the Eelfinn and Lanfear’s death almost certain (as is her reincarnation by the Dark One as Moghedien’s new girlfriend) perhaps Asmodean’s killer is Moiraine? For unknown reasons and perhaps new abilities given by the Eelfinn she would be able to do so. Why she would keep quiet and out of sight is unknown, but it could be quite possible.

wotmania says: There is very little evidence to support Graendal as the killer. Mere confidence that Asmodean is dead does not amount to much. I have never really thought of Moiraine being Asmodean’s killer, but what motive would she have? Apparently she knew who was teaching Rand about saidin - why would she suddenly change her mind?


Moghedien's girlfriend?

Posted by Anakha on 30.09.01 20:02
You are referring to Lanfear's reincarnation as Cyndane? I'm quite certain that Moghedien doesn't have a girlfriend... would you like to me more specific?

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Asmodean is D.E.A.D.

Posted by Athena on 01.12.01 10:03
Asmodean is dead, period, end of story, shows over, he"s ROADKILL. I know this because RJ himself told everyone at a book signing (not to mention he said it in a way that meant it as a stupid theory that he could possibly be alive).

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Posted by Nope Fenrir on 22.08.02 18:30
My mind had already gone down the route of Moiraine being the killer; her motive is simple. She doesn't want to reveal herself, yet since she can't be in close contact with Rand to guide him, she couldn't trust him with a Forsaken.