Why Lanfear Is Not The Killer

Posted by Gawyn on 22.01.01 00:00

It is my belief that Lanfear could not have been the killer. First, how could she have gotten back to Rand’s camp when the doorway to the Land of the Finn was melted? Second, Aviendha or Egwene would have sensed saidar being used to kill Asmodean

It couldn’t have been a saidin-user, because Rand would have felt it. I am not sure who it was, it may have been Shaidar Haran, but the question of how Asmodean knew him is raised. Shaidar Haran came onto the scene after Asmodean was captured by Lanfear and Rand, so I am completely confused as to who it could have been.

Granted, it could have been one of the Forsaken, but they would have to have been using the True Power. I am positive that it could not have been Lanfear, because even if she could Travel out of the Land of the Finn, she would have had to spend several hours learning the area in order to Travel. If she went by Skimming, it would have taken her several hours to Skim her way there.

wotmania says: The killer could have used saidar - with women around who could channel, the feel of someone channeling saidar might not have aroused suspicion. It could not have been Shaidar Haran; Robert Jordan has stated that everything needed to solve this puzzle was in the books up through Asmodean’s death. I think Lanfear could have made it there to do the deed. In my opinion, she’s the best bet.


Inverted weaves

Posted by coyote on 28.06.01 11:36
I would just like to say that neither Rand nor the girls would necessarily have felt any weaves because there is such a thing as INVERTING weaves sothat they're not felt. I also am not sure who did it, but do not really feel it was Lanfear as she wants Rand to regain all his powers sothat they can stand together. Probably one of the male forsaken though.


Posted by Djinnmastr on 05.07.01 20:59
Um, why is this in the DotNM section?


Posted by Maldais on 05.11.01 19:55
coyote you seem to have forgoten that She was just a little earlyer TRYING TO KILL RAND. I don't think she cares anymore if Rand lernes or not.

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I agree... it can't be Lanfear...

Posted by Luthair Paendrag on 14.07.02 03:42
I know this discussion has been going on for years now, but I keep going back to Asmodean's reaction on opening the door. The instant he saw that person, Asmodean recognized him/her AND knew immediately that that person was going to kill him. No matter how quickly Lanfear came back from the Aelfinn, we know she came back (or was resurrected by the Dark One) as Cyndane, with a different appearance and lowered strength. She didn't reappear as herself, kill Asmodean, and then turn into Cyndane. That just doesn't make sense. And when Moghedien and Cyndane visited Graendal, Graendal did not immediately recognize Cyndane as Lanfear reborn, so there's absolutely no reason to expect that Asmodean would either... I don't personally have any idea who DID kill Asmodean, but I do agree that it wasn't Lanfear.