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The chill that Asmodean felt was probably saidar. He recognized his killer - so it was probably a Forsaken. Lanfear is presumably dead - she later reappears as Cyndane. Moghedien is a prisoner. That leaves Graendal, Semirhage, and Mesaana. Graendal had been present in Caemlyn before and was party to the four Forsaken plot against Rand. She later speaks as if she is pretty sure that Asmodean is dead when others are unsure. IIRC, she talks about being named Nae’blis after Asmo’s death. Why? What has she done to merit it? Kill Asmodean. Also, she later loots Sammael’s palace after his death - the comparison to looting Rahvin’s palace is striking. I would definitely accuse Graendal.

wotmania says: I have two problems with Graendal as the killer. First of all, how would she know where he is exactly? And second, what motive would she have? I really do not think killing off Asmodean would be enough to merit being named Nae’blis. But I agree that the chill Asmodean feels is the result of someone channeling saidar.


Graendal very likely was the killer

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I agree with what you say about her being the killer. Rand probably wouldn't have noticed a female channeling or would assume it was Aviendha. As for why she was in Caemlyn, Lanfear, Sammael, Rahvin, and herself had a plan to come at Rand together. Lanfear was "killed" and Rahvin balefired, leaving Graendal and Sammael. We see later on that Sammael is very skeptical of Asmodean being dead, but Graendal is sure of it. As for motive, Asmodean has turned traitor towards the Dark One, which makes him a target for the Forsaken.

Whether by balefire or not, Asmodean was killed instantly by someone he knew. Channeling can kill instantly, and the mess that would be there could surely be cleaned up with the Power as well. Since Mesaana and Sermihage have yet to make a very big appearance in the series, it is unlikely that either of them was the killer, Graendal is the most likely candidate.

The Fish and Servants

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The bites recieved by rand didn't go away when Rav was balefired, thus someone else laid that trap

when rand is running around the palace in the real world, he runs into 2 serving people despite the fact that all the servants have left

the two servents are of dark complexion, they are Granny's pets who she takes with her to the meeting at the begining of the TFoH

RJ said we can definately figure it out by the end of PoD, When Shadar Hain reigns Granny in, he states, The time for you to go your own way has passed (i.e. the attempt on Rand's life) and he killes the two servents who were in Caem at the time

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RJ says...

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In an interview, RJ basically says that Graendal did it. read it. it's under the 'article' section.

So . . .

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Everyone here believes that Asmodean wouldn't have recognised the feel of saidar after living in the AOL and surviving the War of Power?

Do I also need to remind you that its always been described as goosebumps before?


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If it was used saidar aviendha or some of the wise one would have noticed the killing and gateway, so it was probably used some true power.