It Wasn’t Lanfear

Posted by SneakyB & Ender on 22.01.01 00:00

We think it implausible that Lanfear would be the killer. She loved Lews Therin therefore, why would she prevent the new Kinslayer from reaching his potential? She also offered Rand once to take him to one of the male Forsaken and have him taught to be as powerful as he could be. We don't think it was Lanfear.

wotmania says: Why would Lanfear not want Rand to reach his potential? Simple - because this time around she wanted to be the more powerful. "You think you can break up with me and go with three other women, huh?" A relatively ignorant Dragon Reborn would be easier to control and manipulate than the original Lord of the Morning. Remember, Lanfear might have been a little obsessed and nutty, but she is not stupid.