Fain’s Your Man

Posted by The Chosen on 22.01.01 00:00

I wonder if anyone else has considered Padan Fain as the culprit? He shows up later very near the Waste, wasn’t written of long before then, cannot use the True Source or the One Power, has no love of Rand or anyone who would willingly or unwillingly aid him. He would be known to Asmodean as the bitter/twisted/gifted Darkfriend set out to hunt the three ta’veren.

He has also shown an ability to deal swiftly with things, even when still linked to the Dark One (the Eyeless, etc.) and hates the Chosen with a passion. Need any other reason? - He has found confronting Rand directly to be a might useless and has turned his hand to pricking him through friends and family etc.

One swipe of his dagger and even Asmodean is dead, and Fain is well practiced at disposing (really disposing) of dead bodies without fuss.

wotmania says: How would Fain know that "Jasin Natael" was really Asmodean? My biggest problem is the way Asmodean was killed. His voice kind of cuts off, just like someone who has been killed with balefire. Lastly, I do not think that Asmodean would necessarily know of Fain. Fain, while a relatively important Darkfriend, would not automatically be known to all the Forsaken.


Not Balefire

Posted by mjasghar on 27.06.01 14:29
The DO in LoC says '..Asmodean. Dead in his weakness...' or something like that. But Rhavin is dead 'beyond my power to recall'. SO Asmodean is just normal dead.
If killed by the OP he must have been killed by a female (Rand would notice a male channel).
Note he recognises his killer. RJ has said Asm and Slayer have not met in the books before ASm died, but I think in effect he was saying Slayer did not kill him. Especially since Slayer leaves bodies behind.
Then remember Asm is really conc. on Lanfear at that time and she promised to kill him if he failed.
Lanfear did it

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Not the dagger

Posted by Muad Cheade on 22.10.02 00:12
It wouldnt be Fain's dagger as people scream a lot when they die from it


Posted by ingtarshinowa on 24.02.03 19:55
if i recall correctly the true source and the one power are the same thing...isn't it like the true power(evil people) and the one power(good people)?


not fain

Posted by dragonsworn77 on 17.07.04 00:41
fain didn't know asmo, the chosen were released after winternight, and after fain became team 3

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I agree that fain is the killer

Posted by DrEw-360 on 10.09.06 20:10
Fain isn't a mear Dark friend... In Winters Heart, under the Glossary Robert Jordan says of Paidin Fain (pg. 661) Former Darkfriend, now more and worse than a Darkfriend, and an enemy of the Forshaken as much as he id of Rand al'Thor, whom he hates with a passion. If he had a chance to take out another forshaken, espically one that was helping Rand I'm sure he would have taken it. I think he would know who the FOrshaken were as he most like has done things for them in the past. I highly doubt that Asmodean was killed by someone with the power, if he saw someone trying to attack him with the powere he sould have inbraced saidin and smashed it with his own weave, but Fain's dagger would have taken effect to quickly for him to do anything about it.