The Three Destroyers

Posted by Narsil on 19.01.01 00:00

Well, I believe that the plot lines revolving around the three "destroyers" blend in along with Moridin's identity. I think there are three aspects of the Dragon right now.

Granted, it is more likely that Moridin is Ishamael, but on the other hand it doesn't really make sense; why would he hide his identity from the rest of the Forsaken if he is the first among them? Furthermore, I don't think that Lews Therin would refer to Ishamael as "the other one", he'd probably have used some quite more specific words, given the nature of their relationship. The term implied some familiarity, some way they are bound.

Or, of course, it could be yet-another Jordan Trojan horse to be resolved three and a half books from now. Who can say?

wotmania says: I would have to agree it is more likely that Ishamael is Moridin. But I also tend to think things would be slightly more interesting if Moridin was some crazy alter-world Dragon that turned to the Shadow. And Jordan has a habit of making things interesting...

Pento McGreno says: 3 and a half books? Well, someone's optimistic...



Posted by Call_me_Tim on 31.05.01 08:24
Moridin may well be the third destroyer, since it's possible that he somehow invaded a piece of Rand's mind when OP balefire crossed TP balefire in SL. Jury is still out on whether that was intentional. Perhaps Ishy/Mor wanted to give Rand a taste of real evil, and didn't expect to have his own bell rung for the trouble.

Moridin is, however, Ishamael. Demandred's POV in a Forsaken meeting notes that he (Moridin) always was mad, considering the regularity of the saa in Moridin's eyes. Other comments are very familiar in nature, as of someone the other Forsaken knew well, and only correspond to Ishamael's personality.


Call me Tim

3 1/2 books is optimism??!??!?!?!

Posted by tiredofforgettingpassword on 14.02.02 05:18
Pento McGreno says: 3 and a half books? Well, someone's optimistic...

How's that optimistic? 10 books would be, 3 1/2 is (in my rather sad opinion) a little on the pesimistic side of things.

3 1/2

Posted by tomas on 03.05.02 06:02
well Jordan has been saying for the last three books that it would be at least another three books and also that the last battle would probably cover an entire book and seen as in book nine there is no longer the taint on saidin I think the plot will speed up a little..... so 3 1/2 is a little optimistic (if we're wanting the series to end as soon as possible which I CERTAINLY DON'T WANT!!!!!) my 2 cents


Posted by Aielyn on 13.02.03 09:40
Moridin cannot be an alter-world dragon, since it is stated quite clearly that if the Dark One escapes his prison on one world, he will escape on all worlds.

It is possible, however, that Moridin is an alter-world Ishamael, where the seals are not breaking, and so he has no alternative but to sabotage another world to free the Dark one.

Asmodean is alive and posing as Sammael!

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Posted by ashaman neiyeth andredin on 02.08.07 17:33
As far as Moridin keeping his identity secret from the other Forsaken, remember how paranoid "Chosen" are. Do you really think he would reveal himself if he didn't have to?
Also, what gives you the idea that he is alter-world at all, Aielyn? He could be, but I do not think RJ would pull something like that without some precident.