A Lance for Ishy

Posted by Barbarossa on 22.01.01 00:00

I thought about Asmodean’s killer for years, and contrary to Robert Jordan’s quote of all the hints being there, I needed until The Path of Daggers to come to this conclusion. Ishamael/Moridin is my best guess.

Pro: The most likely method of murder it the True Source (undetectable by all the channelers around, easy to get rid of the body). Ishamael is the only of the Forsaken who likes to use the True Source. (Though I would admit there’s the possibility it was any for them.)

Con: Ishamael is dead before, Moridin doesn’t appear till after The Fires of Heaven. How would Asmodean recognize Moridin?

Pro: There are hints that Ishamael isn’t finished before Asmodean’s death. I think also that Asmodean recognized him by the saa, the one feature Ishamael and Moridin share, and which are very rare.

Con: Where’s the motive? Where did he get the information?

Pro: Well Ishamael/Moridin is the Forsaken working directly for the Dark One. He’s most likely to have access to any information from Darkfriends. On the other hand has the Dark One special plans with Rand. Too much information gained by Rand can only hinder those plans.

To be honest I'm not too convinced by this theory myself, but I would like to see it discussed...

wotmania says: Just a thought... Had the True Source ever appeared before Lord of Chaos? If not, Jordan’s comments would seem to indicate that the True Source could not be the "murder weapon" since everything we need to know was available up through The Fires of Heaven. I dislike using the True Source to explain away everything I cannot understand, but sometimes it seems to be the only explanation. I still think Asmodean was killed with saidar, though.


I've always thought is was Mr. Nae'blis who did it

Posted by Hentai Guy on 12.01.02 23:54
I thought JR might have been dropping us a subtle hint in the way he worded Asmodean's killing "The word still hung in the air when death took him" Who's name means death in the old tongue? Why, none other Moridin . Also it makes sense that the True Power was used. Asmodean, although weakened from the binding of his power, had time to react when he saw his assailant. Had it been an advisary without the power he should have been able to manage an air shield. Had it been someone wielding Saidar, the female channelers would have been aware of it. Had someone wielded Saidin, Rand would have been aware of it. Granted, most of this is nothing more than guessed extrapolation at best...but it works as a theory for me.

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definitely mori

Posted by shifty on 25.06.02 06:25
I agree it was moridin for this reason

moridin was the only forsaken brought backthat had any real power right off the bat
also RJ had to get rid of asmodean (who as far as Im concerned was definitely the most useless forsaken)because he no longer had any purpose rand already had learnt everything he could from that useless freak

So since at asmodeans deatth none of the forsaken hadcome back what better way to bring back the most powerful forsaken than by killing off the most useless one
also I believe it was the very next books prologue that introduced us to moridin

anyway thats why I believe moridin killed Assy
Plus what characters cooler than moridin


Posted by Roihan on 02.01.03 16:32
There are two sections in LoC that show that Moridin and Taim are one. In "Letters" Lews Therin's voice whispers to Rand "Death", then "Death comes". Shortly thereafter a Gray Man attacks and is killed by Mazrim Taim. The first point is, Moridin is the word for Death, and the second point Taim showed up using a gateway and Rand did not sense the power being channelled. He would not have if Taim had used the True Source.
The second section ties Taim to Ishmael. In "The Black Tower" Lews Therin again whispers "I should have killed him long ago, should have... should have...
This occured when Taim came to greet him at the Black Tower. The only Forsaken Lews Therin knew was not sealed in the Prison was Ishmael. Therefore you get Taim/Moridin/Ishmael