Re: Lews Therin Killed Him!

Posted by Ingtar on 22.01.01 00:00

This is more of a rebuttal of Highroller’s theory "Lews Therin Killed Him!" than a theory of my own. I myself wouldn't count Lews Therin out, but your motive is flawed. All sources indicate that if the Dark One wins the Last Battle, he will break the Wheel and slay the Serpent, thus ending all cycles and Ages, not to mention ALL REBIRTHS. I'm sure everyone remembers the story the Tinkers had about the dying Maiden, saying how Sightblinder means to blind the Eye of the World, and slay the Great Serpent, etc. Also, my own feeling is that when the Last Battle is over, and the Dark One has been defeated and his prison made anew, it will only be six Ages until another Bore is drilled, and the whole thing starts over again, until at the end of the following Age, the Dragon is born again, and defeats the Dark One again. This cycle will always continue, unless the Dark One really does win the Last Battle, in which case he will indeed break the Wheel of Time, and remake time, and the world, in his image. So, basically, if Lews Therin has any desire to be reborn, or even if he doesn't, it would still behoove him to help Rand kick the snot out of the Dark One, since all is lost for good if he doesn't. I guess I've kinda gotten side tracked, but that's why Highroller’s idea is flawed. I still have no idea who really did kill Asmodean, and for all I know Rand/Lews Therin might have, but just not for the reasons Highroller thinks.

wotmania says: Good call, I had not really looked at it that way. But you are certainly correct - if the Dark One wins, you can pretty much bet most people are not going to be reborn again. I think the Dark One might bring Lews Therin back from the grave, but I do not think it would be a rebirth Lews Therin would welcome...