Re: Asmodean Was NOT Killed by Balefire

Posted by Oliver on 22.01.01 00:00

Although I would tend to agree with wotmania on this point (that Asmodean got balefired) there are a few potential repercussions to think on if he wasn't. First of all, he'd probably be in a cour'souvra somewhere. And, taking into account his tendency to change his allegiance at the drop of a hat, the Dark One may not be too inclined to spin him out again. He may, however, have been given a Last Chance. And given the Dark One's obvious fascination with gender-bending the Chosen... Could Asmodean be Cyndane?

I admit it's unlikely, it's just an odd idea that took my fancy.

wotmania says: When Cyndane was first introduced, I know quite a few people were thinking that possibly that was Asmodean (assuming he was not killed with balefire). The biggest argument against this, though, is that Graendal was able to sense how strong in the Power Cyndane was - a sure sign Cyndane uses saidar. And we already learned from Aran'gar that it is the soul of the body which determines what half of the One Power someone wields.


Asmodean is not Cyndane?

Posted by Rand_Tedronai on 19.06.01 18:15
I noticed from Oliver's "Re: Asmodean Was NOT Killed by Balefire" posted on 1/22/01. "Could Asmodean be Cyndane?" was mentioned. In Winter's Heart toward the end, Cyndane calls Rand al'Thor Lews Therin. Lanfear was the only one during this Age to call him that. Cyndane does seem to act like her in some way, but less powerful because of the Eelfinn. I also believe Cyndane called him that earlier too.

Cyndane can't be Asmodean...

Posted by Orean Delabaen on 27.08.01 08:13
Because, in Winter's Heart, she mentions - in her mind - that "the time with the eelfin/aelfin had taught her well." This is also and argument on the behalf of those who believes/wants to believe that Moiraine is alive

Cyndane is Lanfear

Posted by Dareis an Moridin on 29.01.02 20:19
In her last POV in WH, she talks of how Rand (maybe she said LTT, I'm not sure) spurned her love. I don't think Asmodean would say that. Channels Saidar. Maybe the A/Eelfinn granted one of her/Moiraine's wishes, and it got twisted so that she is weaker.
Did someone already state this?
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