Asmodean Lives - As Dashiva

Posted by Sean on 22.01.01 00:00

There are many theories floating around about whether he is dead or not. The quote "death took him" or such, I believe is a vital piece of evidence to his whereabouts. Now, let's look at the word "death." I propose the following: Moridin in the Old Tongue means "death," so the above quote could mean that he was taken, alive, by Moridin (Ishamael). The surprise registered by Asmodean when he saw his attacker shows that he knew this person. Perhaps Moridin used a mask to make himself look like Ishamael? It can also be noted that Moridin is a keen user of the True Power, which explains why Rand never felt any channeling. So I believe that he is alive as one of Moridin's pet Forsaken.


The answer to that, I believe, is Dashiva.

We know that Rand cut Asmodean's direct connection to the Dark One. He therefore must be feeling the effects of the taint on saidin. He would also be feeling the effects of the taint far more than your average run-of-the mill Ash'aman because he has channeled a clean source for more than 3000 years. I'm running out of time, so ill just surmise the following points...

He is awkward with the sword, as Rand notes Jasin Natael hardly knows how to use his sword when they raided Caemlyn. The same has been noticed about Dashiva.

Rand picks him out supposedly at random when he was with Taim. Egwene and Elayne feel a close kinship to all females who can channel (Aviendha, Jolin). So perhaps being with Asmodean for a long time in the Waste made Rand subconsciously aware of his presence, hence picking Dashiva out at random.

wotmania says: Now this is one theory I have trouble believing... First off, I do not think any of the Forsaken (or the Dark One) would ever trust Asmodean. I seem to remember someone (maybe Lanfear?) saying the other Forsaken thought he had managed to cut his tie to the Dark One on purpose and side with Rand. I have trouble believing Moridin as the killer (or kidnapper, in this case) because Jordan said we had all the necessary information by the end of The Fires of Heaven - Moridin was not introduced until Lord of Chaos. Finally, I do not recall any kind of affinity between men who can channel which can be compared to women who can channel... In any event, I have come to like Graendal as Asmodean's killer...


Great Debunking!

Posted by Bob The Asha_Man on 08.07.01 11:53
However, there is one thing you let out WOTmania, I seem to remember Robert Jordan being asked if "Death took him" was a pun on Moridin. I also remember his answer was to the effect of "Ohh god no."

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Posted by wolfbrother99 on 18.09.01 00:06
Ok, first off, Ishamael was killed by BALEFIRE i.e. not coming back. He is NOT Moridin. Next up is the fact that in book nine or eight (I forgot which), Dashiva, in all his glory, is revealed to be DEMANDRED!!!!! ADMITTED FROM HIS OWN MOUTH!!

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Posted by Fade on 30.09.01 14:28
I dont remember reading that! When? What page?


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Posted by drgnrbrn316 on 03.10.01 10:39
Dashiva is Osan'gar. Jordan admits it at the end of Book 9 while Rand is cleansing saidin.

Asmo is dead - and NOT coming back.

Posted by Gru on 28.12.01 22:27
RJ himself has admitted in an interview that Asmo is definately dead, and not coming back. Of course, he could just be saying so to trick us, but I believe him for now. Dashiva is Osan'gar, that much is proved in WH, last chapter.


Posted by metallica-man2 on 30.12.01 16:01
you are a moron. dashiva is not demandred, he is osangar. also, ishmael was not killed with balefire, rand shoved callandor through his heart. maybe your comments in the future will be better if you actually READ THE BOOKS!


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sigh can Wotmania not delete wolfbrother99s post?

Posted by Naeblis Moridin on 24.02.02 11:43
He is obviously just trying to be a moron. Osan'gar is revealed to have been Dashiva in book 9.

No Kidding

Posted by Deathbone1 on 05.04.02 18:33
It is nice bashing other people who don't read the books isn't it?

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Ismael didn't take Asmodean

Posted by PerrinsAxe on 28.05.02 18:01
Your theory simply cannot work. If Ishmael means " and took him" The the word " should have been capitalized, and it wasn't. Simple, no?

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Posted by PerrinsAxe on 28.05.02 18:07
sorry about that last post there, somehow it deleted some words in the middle. I meant to say that if Ismael means and the book says that took him" then the word " should have been capitalized, and it wasn't. I don't know why it didn't write that in the first place, but hopefully this time it will be posted correctly

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Dashiva = Osan'Gar

Posted by Black_Tower_AshaMan on 01.10.02 22:30
Osan'Gar his revealed to be Dashiva in the last chapter of WH 'Crouching behind a fallen log, Osan'gar panted from the exertion of running. Those months masquerading as Corlan Dashiva had not made him any fonder of excercise.'
And besides, later, Dashiva/Osan'gar is killed by the Darkfriend Elza in the same battle 'Dashiva was only one of those Ashaman. The man raised his hand and Elza drew deeply through Callandor in Jahar's hands. Fire surrounded the hilltop and when it dissipated, there was no Dashiva and the hill ended fifty feet lower than before'

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Posted by maric on 28.01.03 05:57
Why cant anyone see that Ishmael isnt dead, at the end of EotW Rand and I belived that The heart og the dark was dead, but in tGH he come back and died in the end, or atleasr I thought so, in the end of tDR he still come and died in the world of dreams, and if you die there you cant come back. But then Moridin come, and I say its preety clearly that he is Ishmael (who else). So what Im trying to say is that Ishmael, alias Elas Morin (or something) never died and was the one taking Asmodean, that was also the time when Moridin was bounding the other forsaken to him.

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