Half the Light of the World

Posted by Brandon on 19.01.01 00:00

Concerning the "prophecy" that Mat will loose Half the Light of the World to save it: The sun is half the light and the moon is the other. We all know that Mat will have to marry the Daughter of the Nine Moons. So my point, Mat will somehow lose his future wife who may be a rebel Seanchan to a political assassination and this will somehow unite the Seanchan in Tarmon Gai’don. Mat's wife will be his half of the light of the world. If this is true then what is the other half of light in Mat's world?

wotmania says: I suppose this is a possibility... Most people, though, seem to think this prophecy means Mat might lose an eye, and I think that is the most reasonable explanation I have heard to this point.


Good try

Posted by Ruriha on 09.04.01 00:00
Nope. Good try, but nope. He'll lose an eye. RJ would not get MAT to marry and then kill off his wife. That would just be too cruel. I mean, we've waited since TSR, and then his wife dies on us? He couldn't do that to us poor readers! Or could he.... Nope. Sorry, Mat.



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no offense, but i feel that this is a fantabulously wrong idea. But regardless of that, i am now going to selfishly use this space to post an idea of my own. You may see this elsewhere seeing as i am posting one in a theory in every category.

[ahem]...In the begining of my fourth reading of WoT, an idea suddenly stuck me like a pie thrown by an evil clown. Assuming that everything we know about the power is true, meaning that it really does turn the wheel of time, then wouldn't it stand to reason that in an age where nobody used the power(i remember reading about ne of those), the age would never end? What would happen? Maybe the downfall of that age is when people first begin to use the power in that turning of the wheel. Please contact me with your opinions on this.
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Eyes and Losing Half the Light

Posted by Ashaman54 on 04.05.01 00:00
It is my belief that Mat will be sacrificing an eye for something crucial. I've come to this because of two things: 1) The propehcy of losing half the light of the world, and 2) Min's viewing. If we remember way back to "The Eye of the World", Min tells of a viewing about Mat in which he is weighing an eye on a scale. This, I think is the convincing thing, because Min's viewings have never failed, even though we don't always know the scenarios surronding them. The viewing seems to suggest Mat considering the cost of giving up an eye to the cost of some other undisclosed event. Remember the old saying, "Take what you want, and pay for it." We don't, however, know if the eye is Mat's own, or if it is, say, someone's whose vision is extremely important to Mat. I kinda doubt it's the latter because I can't even begin to imagine who that other person could be. Then again, there could be a first time for anything -- even for one of Min's viewings to fail. It seems like achieving the supposed impossible is a repeating theme within the story.

Mat's Light is his Vision

Posted by knave on 15.06.01 22:34
You cant gain much in WoT without sacrifcing something. the Finn's are a good example of this. Mat asks for protection against Aes Sedai, something to help him win battles, and a weapon to fight the battles with, and has to hang from a tree for 9 or so days.

i think it was Egwene who saw Mat reaching up into an Illuminator's fireworks display and grasping it in his hand. she then knew men would die because of this.

The most likely explination is that he swindles the secret of gunpoweder out of the Last Illuminator, and loses an eye doing so.

some more evidence for this is that Mat is based almost entirely on Odin. Odin hung from a tree for 9 days to gain almost all the knoledge in the world, Mat hung from a tree for 9 days to become the ultimate general. Odin sits in the Halls of Valhalla, where the bravest hero's eat and listens to them talk. I think this could be Mat's memories of a couple hundred different soldiers. Odin wears a hat very similar to that of Mat's. Odin had two ravens on his shoulders, Thought and Memory who told him everything. Mat has that spear-thing-a-mah-boobber with two ravens. And Finally, Odin gave up one of his eyes for the remaining knoledge of the world. Mat will lose his eye for the price of becomeing a General with the two most feared armies in the world. The Band of the Red Hand, and The Legion of the Dragon ( no offense to any fans of his, but Bashere is an idiot comapred to Mat. Mat thought of everything, and therefor its his bloody army )


Posted by Rathan on 17.06.01 01:41
I seem to be using that title a lot. Anyways....
Knave, the two ravens may be the spar, or they may be something else (remember the sign of seanchan royalty is the raven), and one of Egwene's dreams is "Two ravens alighted on his shoulders, talons sinking through his coat, into the flesh beneath. He...didn't...seem aware of them, yet defiance passed across his face, followed by grim acceptance." I don't know what this means, but I think those are Odin's two ravens for you.


It seems more likely than an eye to me

Posted by Onarishma on 28.06.01 20:28
well the title say it all. When i first came in and read all that eye stuff i have to say i thought it was ridiculous. Half the light of the world just sounds a little more serious than an eye, regardless of if he loses one or not. This theory of losing his moon i.e. dauthter of the nine. and as her husband taking her place in relationship to the thone of seanchan seems much more along the lines of phophetic verbiage to me than any theory where he actual loses his eye. There is no real reason except for habit to associate Mins visions with Egwene's dreams and the Finns truths. So half the light of the world and Mats eye on a balance scale could be completely unrelated. In fact most ofthe things that have come blatantly true so far were near exactly the same in their parallel visions

Where did these Skimmers come from? I mean if they didn't want to read the book they could have just Traveled to another author. Why risk arriving at the wrong destination? Why risk falling into darkness?


Posted by MatDomaradzki on 06.12.01 05:17
I almost never post but I thought I had to get this off my back. I don't think he will lose an eye; it makes the prophesies about Mat trivial because all of RJ's prophesis had symbolic meaning, they are not a perfect snapshot of the future. Second, i remember Egwene dreaming that Mat giving up half the light of the world would have terrible implications and men would die; isn't safe to say that if many random lifes (not to mention that half the light of the WORLD part) are on the line it than the choice has to be something MAJOR dealing possibly with the odd union of Tuon and Mat and what influence he may possibly have amoung the Seanchan. No matter how insane it sounds (remember, RJ has pulled fast ones on all of us, who amoung you thought the taint would be cleaned way before the Last Battle, if at all?), and how the Seanchan prophesy has been discounted in the books, i think Rand has yet to "kneel" to the crystal throne with those handcuffs still out there and maybe Mat has something to do with that (if you still think the kneeling part is ridiculous, remember how much stock RJ puts in humility, especially for the Dragon Reborn...).

Half the forces of the light

Posted by hazecat on 05.03.02 12:33
I always thought that the westlands were half and the Seachen were the other half of the light, they are both fighting (most of them) for the light after all.

And hes the only one that has any real links to both power bases.

In bringing Tuon with him to Illian (where they most likly are already. if you look at the time line and the fact that if Rand clensed the source would have been noticed by the AS and Sul'Damme.) Will expose Tuon to AS and to the truth of the matter that Sul'Dam can channel, thus meaning SHE can channel, it has been stated many times that the fact that Sul'dam can channel may shake the Seachen to there core and maybe even break them, half the light of the world broken...

Lord of the Morning

Posted by Wolfegrin on 10.10.02 01:18
I agree with this thought! The sun could represent Rand (As LLT) Who is also called the Lord of the morning.