Fel’s Death

Posted by Anthony Murphy on 22.01.01 00:00

Since Rand was having Fel research the seals on the Dark One's Prison it most likely is an indication that he found out something vital, such as a way to strengthen them (the seals), what is causing the cuendillar disks to break, or how the Bore was sealed in the Age of Legends. The information has to be important to send a Gholam, a nasty wild card I doubt the Forsaken would use frivolously.

wotmania says: I agree that Fel must have found something vital about the seals. Perhaps it was that they were in some way related to the taint on saidin, but that’s another theory... Fel seemed to indicate at one point (I think) that the Bore could not be resealed, but would need to be remade from scratch. If Fel was close to a way to seal the Dark One away for good, that would certainly be reason enough to send a Gholam after him.


Breaking seals?

Posted by corves on 21.08.01 05:30
I believe the reason that he was killed had to do with his last note to rand about build something from the ground up. And maybe LTT knew this also and that is why he wanted to break the seal when he laid his hands on one.

Maybe, maybe not.

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I dunno

Posted by IronChef on 17.12.01 19:32
Clearing away the rubble doesn't sound like strengthening the seals to me

Master Fel

Posted by Daemon on 24.01.02 23:08
I agree with the thing about the Seals but I believe he knew more than he was letting on. He knew something else that was vital to Rand.

Good theory but...

Posted by Deathbone1 on 12.02.02 20:10
This is a very good theory, and in my opinion, completely correct. The only thing I didn't like about it is the fact that it was completely way to big on the scope. Almost everyone would agree that he discovered something important to the dark side. Good theory though.

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Yes, but who sent the gholam?

Posted by Bharon on 18.03.02 16:41
Who knew about Fel's discovery?? It has to be someone close to Fel, maybe close to Rand as well. Someone with the autority to send a gholam or talk directly to someone with the autority to do it. I think because this most have happened rather quick....?

Another darkfriend ??

Posted by shannath on 24.06.02 09:13
Master Fel`s killer must have been close to Rand to learn about those discoveries.
My opinion is that there is a darkfriend (certainly very powerful, maybe even a forsaken) who spies on him.
this mysterious one could be the responsible for Asmo`s death as well as he recognized the killer.

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Min walking down a dangerous path

Posted by Koomie on 11.10.02 03:11
I think it would be quite logical to assume that Min will somehow discover whatever it was that caused Fel to be murdered. She has, after all, taken to reading all of his books (worse than Loial in that department, I say!).

Whether she is placed in similar danger to Fel by her discovery or if she just comes up with a few concepts which aid Rand in Tarmon Gai'don......well, that's up to RJ's discretion for now.


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Min's discoveries

Posted by jamie on 02.12.02 20:02
The book that Min is now reading was written by non other than Ishamael. The book accompanying the WoT series (can't remember its name) mentions the names of some of the books he wrote as a philosopher, and that is what Fel was reading (and now Min). This is why he was killed - under orders from who I have no idea - so Min will discover something vitally important to Rand. Any suggestions what?

Very interesting

Posted by Buazag on 25.04.03 12:13
I wasn't aware that the books Min now and Fel earlier have been reading were penned by Ishamael.

I have always felt that Harid Fel was mentioned just enough that he and/or his work must play some sort of major role in things to come. The fact that his death was mentioned only briefly in about 1 page is typically Jordanesque in that a lot of his important events are delivered like bombs amidst much less important material. I've always loved that about his work....you can be reading along going through ordinary run of the mill stuff and something huge will hit you out of the blue.

It has surprises me though that after his death there has been very little mention of it. Min is reading his books feverishly but Rand hasn't put in any effort at all to discover what Fel may have been working on or found out. When he was in Tear immediately after taking the stone he read just about every book he could get his hands on trying to decipher the prophecies....so obviously he has an intrest in knowledge. It seems odd that he wouldn't expect that whatever Fel was working on that was important enough to get him killed was worth looking into.