Why Rob thinks Fel was killed...

Posted by Rob Christianson on 22.01.01 00:00

This is a short one, but I think Fel was killed because he stumbled across a piece of great knowledge that the Dark One didn’t want anyone to know... How to cleanse saidin.

Whatcha think?

wotmania says: Certainly the Dark One would not want all the good guys to figure out how to cleanse saidin. Fel’s death, to me anyway, means that he discovered either a way to cleanse saidin or how to reseal/remake the Dark One’s prison - or maybe some combination of the two.


I guess not

Posted by IronChef on 17.12.01 19:30
Looks like Rand figured out how to do that himself

siadin unlikely

Posted by Andre alKel on 23.01.02 14:04
it is unlike ly that fel discovered how to cleanse siadin b/c the forsaken were unsure how and rand did it any way i think it has something to do with the DO's prsion b/c fel knew more about things like that then he did about the Power, especially since he couldn't channell.

I Agree...

Posted by c-dawg on 16.02.02 00:39
Rand says that the Eelfinn or Aelfinn (I don't remember which one) told him a riddle when he asked how to cleanse saidin. I believe he told Fel this and he discovered the answer to the riddle.

It was Ishy...

Posted by Stoney Gaidin on 20.06.02 18:22
I don't have my books here, so you'll just have to bear with me.

Fel's last note to Rand said something about "having to clear the rubble before you can rebuild", and I think this is what people have latched onto when they suggest Fel figured out how to re-seal the DO's prison.

Here's the next thing...

If you look in the guide, and read Ishamael's entry, it says he was the author of several books on philosophy, and gives some titles. Fel had one of those books (or a partial copy... whatever) in his possession when he was kiled. Min has it now, BTW.

Next, we need to look at the brutality of Fel's murder. It can't be anything but the gholam. There is ample evidence that Ishy tells the gholam and other unique shadowspawn, like Slayer, what to do, so I feel it is safe to assume that he ordered the hit.

Ishy has always been about "the bigger picture". The title of the book Fel had was something like "Unreason and the Nature of Reality". I think Fel might have stumbled across something about the very nature of "The Wheel" itself, some vital tidbit about how the ages come and go.

Here's where I'll whip out the REAL big assumptions. How would Ishy know Fel needed to be silenced? Simple. Fortelling. He's done better for himself than any of the other Forsaken: Only partially trapped in the bore, able to stir the stew throughout history. Despite losing the Stone of Tear and Callandor, not to mention his life, he is reincarnated with no stipulations from the DO, such as Cyndane (Lanfear) now faces. Made Nae'Blis for a horrific failure? That makes no sense, unless Ishy KNEW what the outcome was to be, and was able to turn Rand's victory into an elaborate, costly, and highly effective setup. We know the little tricks and Talents the other Forsaken possess. We know flim-flam about what Ishy is capable of, but I'm sure the S.O.B. can see the future.

To sum up, Fel got wasted because Ishy knew he MIGHT come up with some dangerous info, not neccesarily that he had come across it already.