Fel’s Death

Posted by Elan Morin on 22.01.01 00:00

At the time of his death Fel was researching the seals and the taint on saidin. So obviously he must have found out something about them the dark one didn’t like. I believe that he found out that the seals were actually the center of the problem with the taint. I believe he realized that to cleanse saidin you would have to first break the seals. If I remember correctly Fel also left a message before he died that said something about breaking the seals, but I might be mistaken. This seal theory would also explain why Lews Therin wanted to break the seals whenever Rand saw them.

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Doesn't fit anymore

Posted by Kaiser Karl on 14.04.01 00:00
Unfortunately, if cleansing saidin means breaking the seals, this would mean that Rand just broke all of the
remaining seals when he removed the taint on saidin. Since we heard nothing about the seals breaking,
I'd say that they don't cause the taint. They may be weakened by a similar influence, but they're not the cause
of the taint.

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Shadar Logoth

Posted by Call_me_Tim on 22.05.01 18:03
Kaiser Karl is right, the Seals aren't tied to the cleansing of Saidin. But that wasn't the only thing he was researching for Rand. While in Tear Rand read extensively of everything he could get his hands on. Surely between that and his trip to Rhuidean he is aware of the Bore and how the seals do their job.

Fel's cryptic note to him was about the need to clear away rubble before building. The rubble of Shadar Logoth, including Mashadar, is gone after the event that cleansed Saidin, and that surely could have been at least part of what Fel was saying. But with several of the seals already broken and at least one other known to be softened and vulnerable, perhaps Fel determined that in order to win the Last Battle it was necessary to more perfectly seal the DO's prison, and to do that would mean clearing the rubble of the seven old seals. Certainly that seal was never perfect, else Ishamael would not have been only partially trapped, nor would later events have allowed the seals to degenerate and free the other Forsaken.

My question is, if Fel figured any of this out, how did anyone else know of it to send a gholam to kill him? He did seem fairly careful about his information, even if absentminded about other things. I hope we get to find out.

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The seals and the taint

Posted by mierin sedai on 13.07.01 08:22
Now, I am fairly convinced that the taint on saidin is caused by the seals. They are after all the only thing which connect saidin and the DO. Men sealed up the prison and men have suffered the taint. The thing I did not understand was how anyone can be sure the seals are not already broken. The last we heard was this hughe fight and Rand and Nynaeve passing out, saidin cleansed and a few forsaken dead. Nobody said anything about the seals not being shattered. I thing Jordan has just found a way to speed us a bit towards Tarmon'gaidon. And about time!

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taint is connected to the seals

Posted by fourthletter Telamon on 23.07.01 17:09
yes i agree with mierin sedai , the seals are obviously connected to the taint and YES it was only cleansed at the end of the book , remember what " the world of " says, that in the age of legends no one even realised that the bore had unleashed the dark one for a long time.

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Posted by Aesmael on 05.12.01 22:47
I'd just like to point out that whatever Fel was killed for, the Dark One had to find out about it first. We know that it knows a lot about some things going on and not about others. Was this something that needed a Darkfriend's spying? And if so, who was it?

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Posted by Aesmael on 09.12.01 22:02
I just tried actually reading the other posts and I see my point has already been made, in more than one place. There was something else too but it's gone now.

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Non-Seal theory on Fel's Death

Posted by chiz on 25.01.02 04:37
Haven't read many posts about Fel's death, but I don't think this one has been mentioned.

To the best of my memory, Rand and Fel had also discussed the Wheel Cycle, and how everything that was happening had happened before and would happen again.

Besides the cleansing, I always had a gut feeling that Fel had discovered something about the Cycle too; like maybe how to change it. Maybe somehow the Cycle is stuck, and it shouldn't be. And maybe changing it would either trap the DO for eternity or destroy all of the work that the DO has put into this sequence of Cycles, and the DO would have to start over. And maybe changing it has something to do with Rand's survival/rebirth at the last battle. If this is the case, then the DO would do anything to kill Fel without drawing too much attention to his theories. It got enough attention as it was.

Anway saidin is cleansed now, so why is Min still reading Fel's books? What else is there for her to learn from Fel's research? Or are the books simply Min's own private self-help library

clearing rubble

Posted by hobbes on 22.03.02 21:01
I think that due to the nature of Heartstone and the seals, the reamining seals are holding the bore open as much as closed. In order to heal the bore so it's like the dark one was never free, as Fell mentions when discussing the cycle, the seals would have to be destroyed. Clear awasy the old rubble before building new.

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Must be broken!!!!!

Posted by ashaman420 on 28.04.02 22:01
i agree; the seals must be broken in order to reseal the bore. I also think the taint isnt totally cleansed with some of the seals left.


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The DO wants the seals to be broken, right?

Posted by Aielman516 on 08.10.02 19:48
Why would tDO want Fel killed if he was going to tell Rand to destroy the seals HOLDING HIM IN HIS PRISON! Wouldn't he want the seals to be broken?

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The taint and the seals

Posted by beerhino on 04.12.02 10:50
At the end of Winters Heart Rand cleansed saidin, as far as we know the remaining seals are intact.