What Fel Knew And Who Had Him Killed

Posted by Dashiva on 22.01.01 00:00

If you will read Lord of Chaos, Chapter 18 ("A Taste of Solitude"), Fel was talking to Rand about the seals. Fel made the comment that he believed the Dragon Reborn was the one to remake the prison whole again for the Ages to come. His letter said, "Belief and order will give you strength. HAVE TO CLEAR RUBBLE BEFORE YOU REBUILD!" Well, I added the caps, but Fel knew that the prison had to be remade, not merely sealed, and this time the Dark One could be sealed forever. The Dark One wouldn’t like that at all; it would not even give him a chance to break free in the Ages to come like he had done in the past, dooming the Dark One to failure. And who always talks about the Dragon and "Ba’alzamon" fighting thousands of times? That's right. Elan Morin Tedronai, our old friend Ishamael, or now known as Moridin. His state of being half-caught between the world and the Pit of Doom for three thousand years allowed him to enter the world, so the Dark One transformed him into a "shadow" of the Dark One, with some of his power, but it left Ishamael only half-human. He could have retained some of the Dark One’s memories of past failures and knew fully the consequences if Fel’s plan reached Rand. It would be finally over between Ishamael and Lews Therin Telamon forever and Ishamael would be the loser. Therefore he used his "wild card" gholam to kill Fel.

wotmania says: Fel was definitely on to what Rand needed to do to win Tarmon Gai’don, and Ishamael certainly would not like such a defeat...


About your theory about Ishamael

Posted by MasteroftheDice on 19.06.01 03:19
In the prologue to "Eye of the World" when Ishamael heals Lews Therin of the taint, he makes reference to a war that "has not lasted ten years, but since the beginning of time. You and I have fought a thousand battles with the Turning of the Wheel." Personally, I think Ishamael was a genious (a fine line between genious and madness, yes?) and figured it out the same way Fel did. If the Wheel keeps turing, then obviously Ismamael (or at least his spirit) has met with Lews Therin's spirit in past ages and will again.
As to not wanting the Bore sealed permanentaly, one reason is the all the Chosen who meet him make some comment about Moridin's addiction to Shai'tan's True Power. He seems to favor it over the One Power and as he is Nae'blis, he is the only one with access to it. Who would, especially among the Fosaken, want to lose a tactical advantage if the Dark One and his power were sealed away???

The Prison being sealed

Posted by KLitke7967 on 26.08.01 13:30
One question. Why would closing the hole made instead of just sealing it cause the Dark One to be permanently sealed away? We already know it has to be fully closed up, because it's fully closed up in the Age of Legends, when a hole is drilled into it. Why would it suddenly be any different?


Not closed up...

Posted by MikeMayhem on 03.10.01 14:49
He wasnt talking about closing the bore... he was talking about remaking and entirely brand new prison. So, instead of a flawed cover of a hole, it will be entirely new, and hopefully flawless (yet not perfect).

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My thoughts: By deffinition, the wheel of time has to get back to where it was, or so. The dark one wants to destroy the wheel and remake it the way he thinks it should be. The job of the dragon/dragon reborn and all the other heros is to keep the wheel as we know it going. Actually, come to think of it, that's the dark one's job too, though he probably dosn't want to know it.
So, where this is leading is that whether the prison is remade or fixed, it has be broken again next time around.




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Well, the way I see it, it wouldn't make any difference if Rand resealed the Dark One instead of just patching up the bore. I was under the impression that the Dark One was sealed "outside of the pattern" and away from the world altogether, and that seal that kept him out of the pattern was the Sharom (big spherical thing in Shayol Ghul before the breaking) that Rand saw when he was in Rhuidean seeing the past. So, I figured Rand will simply remake something like the Sharom.

Nice try, but.....

Posted by belgaria on 21.08.02 10:11
Though I would like to think the DO will be sealed away forever, the cyclical nature of the wheel will assure that he is not. The only way this pattern could be broken is if the DO wins and breaks the wheel. Any sealing-closing-remaking etc of the DO's prison will be only a temporary respite (of thousands of years), and this battle will need to be fought again.

Nice idea but I just don't agree with it.


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good theory

Posted by sancheward on 03.04.03 23:38
It must be something like this. I mean, RJ wouldn't be writing these novels if there wasn't SOMETHING special about this turning of the wheel. That's why this theory WILL work, it's b/c Rand will do SOMETHING that will change everything. Maybe he'll even break the wheel like the DO wants to do and remake it into something great and wondrous.


i don't think so

Posted by flagg on 23.03.04 11:48
if u will search in the discussion with Robert Jordan, u will see a quote from him where he says that this age won't be different than any other. Rand is not going to defeat th DO for once and for all...
It would be cool but i don't think so.