This May Seem Crazy

Posted by Spamtheman on 22.01.01 00:00

In short Fel was killed because he figured out that the seals somehow kept saidin tainted. Bear with me here.

Also is Rand not going to try to cleanse saidin, in The Path of Daggers he is disappointed when he finds out that Callandor is flawed and is afraid of using the Power of the statue in Cairhien. I mean what else could he use all that saidin for?

wotmania says: I do not think Lews Therin, or Ishamael/Moridin, are half as crazy as they sometimes seem to be. These were extremely intelligent men back in the Age of Legends. It might just take them a while to adjust to their new surroundings.


Egwenes dream

Posted by AikenDrum on 01.07.01 00:32
she has a dream where rand is walking toward shayol ghul and the seals are breaking under his feet, which supports this theory.

Wait, Wait, Wait

Posted by Test Drive WOT on 25.01.02 00:04
If the seals keep the taint on saidin, then wouldn't the seals be destroyed on the instant that Rand clensed saidin (Winter's Heart, With the Choedan Kal). And It seems to me That the DO wold strike at Rand the instant he could. (This assuming that when the DO breaks free he will use his connection to the Chosen [Read the Prolouge of The Lord of Chaos]. Don't know, Still developing this paticular theory.)