Clearing Up The Rubble

Posted by Dragonlord on 22.01.01 00:00

I believe that Herid Fel was murdered because he was researching and investigating the nature of the Dark One’s prison. Herid had at least three discussions with Rand on this subject. After their last meeting, the last time Fel made contact with Rand, Fel sent him a note:

"Belief and order give strength. Have to clear rubble before you can build.Will explain when see you next. Do not bring girl. Too pretty."
"Belief and order give strength" is still confusing me, but I believe it has something to do with the Asha’man. The second line however, is quite clear to me. "Have to clear rubble before you can build." Before Rand can place a new shield on the Dark One's prison, he has to get rid of the patch on the bore. This would explain Lews Therin's wild ravings "break the seals, break the seals." Someone found out that Herid was figuring out the key to winning Tarmon Ga’idon. So, they sent a gholam to kill him.

It’s easy to see why Fel was killed, but how someone found out about his private discussions with Rand is somewhat of a question. I went through all of Rand’s meetings with Fel in order to discover who could have possibly heard what they were talking about. Finally, I discovered that during one of his meetings, Jalani and Dedric, his Aiel guard, stood guard just outside Fel’s study during their discussion. It is highly possible that one of them is a Darkfriend, and overheard their discussion involving the seals. Then, he or she send word to his or her superiors informing them of Fel’s knowledge.

The end of the line was probably Shaidar Haran (Read my theory on him if you haven’t already). I doubt that any of the Forsaken truly understand the nature of the prison that they were formerly held in. This would, however, suggest that there is more than one gholam loose in the world.

In the A Crown of Swords chapter "Diamonds and Stars," Rand and Min try vainly to come up with why Fel was killed. However, remember that Min kept the note that has the truth hidden in it. When I first read Lord of Chaos, I thought that it was pointless, but now I know that nothing Robert Jordan includes is pointless. I believe that Min may suddenly relize the truth, perhaps from overhearing Rand mumbling "break the seals, break the seals." The question remains. How is Rand al’Thor going to reseal the Dark One's prison.

wotmania says: Good theory. I also like your idea of how the Dark One discovered what it was Fel was thinking of. The idea of Min figuring out how to cure the taint is an interesting one. How Rand will reseal the prison is certainly a good question. Good work!


Very good

Posted by Burasco on 28.09.01 17:22
My opinion is very close to yours. I have an answer as to how Rand will remake the DO's prison in a theory I submitted a few days ago called The Creators Power. Or something like that. Hopefully it will get posted soon.



Posted by Daemon on 24.01.02 23:14
There is only one way to make the seals perfect. It must be a joint effort of Saidin and Saidar. This was made clear by the fact that if the Aes Sedai in the Age of Legends had agreed to help Lews Therin seal the prison he wouldn't be able to break free. But they blew him off. The taint probably let him weaken the seals but Saidar would have created a buffer around the taint like it did in Choedan Kal in Winters Heart.

Sealing the 'hole'

Posted by fjtardy on 14.02.02 18:11
I agree. I think at the end we'll see an Ashaman/Aes Sedai circle that will 'seal' Shaitan's prison by the use of balefire.

Only by this means can the 'hole' not actually exist when The Wheel of Time begins anew. It would be a good way for Rand to die at Tarmon Gaidon and yet live (ala Aviendha, Mat, et. al.).

how did the dark side know about Fel's theories

Posted by Ibn Khairan on 23.05.02 10:35
I like this theory and I think it is the only one that makes mention of how the dark side had any insight into Fel's

The problem is that even if those Aiel you mentioned were shadow runners they were presumably very low down
in the darkfriend hierarchy and this raises questions as to how the forsaken learned so quickly of Fel's theories
and eliminated hoim via gholam.

How about a female chaneller (black) using those Moiraine like weaves to eavesdrop? Rand wouldn't detect
Saidar and Fel's thoughts could be escalated quickly. This is even more likely if one of the female forsaken
were doing the eavesdropping.

What do you guys think?

belief and order give strength

Posted by mazza3 on 26.02.03 12:50
this line i always thought referred to cuendillar, or specifically to the integrity of the cuendillar seals. the lord of chaos is coming, and the seals are weakening and breaking. humans are not at their strongest and look what's happening...these old imperfect seals are what have to be cleared away before all is rebuilt i spects...

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