Fel’s Death and the Seals

Posted by Fred on 22.01.01 00:00

It seems certain that Fel was killed because of his findings about the Dark One’s prison and the seals. Remember that the taint on saidin occurred from the Dark One’s counterstroke at the moment of sealing.

What if the taint is actually caused by the Dark One’s power leaking through the seals as some people have theorized? Breaking them would not only release the Dark One but also remove the taint thus saidin would be cleansed. This may also explain the instant madness suffered by the Hundred Companions - they were in direct contact with saidin and the seals at the moment the counterstroke occurred thus suffered the full force of the counterstroke.

Since then, perhaps the seals have acted as a conduit for the Dark One’s taint to leak into saidin, ensuring that it’s ever-present. This may explain why they are crumbling and why the eroded unbroken seals give off an evil aura - this disappears when the seals break.

As far as these already broken seals go, it’s been thousands of years since saidin has been used in such large quantities; surely the huge upsurge in male channeling could be causing strain on the seals themselves as more of the Dark One’s power seeps through them to taint saidin.

The statue ter’angreal which channels huge amounts of saidin could enable the user to destroy the seals and immediately have access to pure, untainted saidin.

To relate this to Fel... Well, if Rand found this out together perhaps with knowledge perhaps found by Fel’s of how to rebuild a new prison for the Dark One he could gain a huge upper hand in the Last Battle.

I think that Fel realized the mistake Lews Therin Telamon and the Hundred Companions made in patching the Bore rather than uniting with female channelers to seal it permanently; after all it was Mierin and Beidomon together who opened the Bore in the first place - surely then both males and females must seal it back up? Enter the other statue ter’angreal. What if Lanfear turns to the Light and unites with Rand and together they reseal the prison - just a thought!

Someone like Ishamael or Shadar Haran would like to get rid of Fel so that the seals break out of Rand’s "control" leaving him lacking knowledge when Tarmon Gai’don comes along. My money would be on Shadar Haran who seems to have the guiding hand on the Dark One’s stratagems.

wotmania says: It is an interesting idea that the sudden influx of male channelers is actually straining the seals, causing them to crumble apart. I do not believe I have ever seen that before. Of course, Lews Therin and company did not just ditch the female Aes Sedai - it was a conscious decision by the women not to cooperate. The men did the best they could with what they had.


The Horn and those bound to it...

Posted by another_twisted_mind on 18.02.02 05:43
I just read Book two again (for the Nth time) and i got to thinking how long does it take for you to be bound to the horn... Ingtar might be bound because the horn doesnt see if you were good or bad right? And Rand and Mat and Perrin might be bound to(I got a feeling that Mat is bound but i cant explain why). So if Ingtar might be dead he might show up the next time the horn is blew... I dont know if anybody posted this already... i just want to say this

Another Twisted Mind
Guess you trollocs were the only twisted ones

To another_twisted_mind

Posted by jake2099 on 09.04.02 16:50
I'm not sure, but I think when it said about the horn not distinguishing between good and evil it meant who was blowing the horn and what he was fighting for. Of course, I could be wrong, but I also don't think Ingtar is even close to Hero material...also I don't think Rand is a Hero of the Horn, although Perrin and Mat might be. I could be wrong again, but the last time Rand was around was 3000 years ago as LTT, and the Heroes seem to be described as being spun out by the wheel a lot more often than that...