To Destroy the Dark One

Posted by Lord Turak on 22.01.01 00:00

It seems obvious to everyone that Fel was on to something with the seals and Tarmon Gai'don, since the breaking of the seals was the last question Rand asks on his first visit to Fel seen by us. Fel must have run with it and found out something.

But, everyone is missing the fact that Fel also had intimate knowledge of the Wheel and the Pattern (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 18, p 298-299). He actually speaks of the different Ages, and the sealing of the Bore: "It can’t be the Last Battle. Even if the Dragon Reborn seals the Dark One’s prison again AS WELL AS THE CREATOR MADE IT [emphasis mine]. Which I don’t think he can do." If we combine this with the discussion of the Ages and the note ("Have to clear rubble before you can build."), we get a very interesting picture.

Imagine this: Fel seems to know more about the turning of the Wheel than anyone so far. He understands the Pattern of Ages and the fact that the next time the Third Age comes, it must mimic the prior Third Age. Also, he understands that if the Dark One breaks free, he will destroy the Wheel and recreate time in his own image.

Here’s the point. Fel must have been on to more than just how to cleanse the taint or reseal the Bore (Rand could and is probably figuring those things out from many sources, including Lews Therin Telamon’s thoughts). So, why is it so important that he be dead that the Dark One would send a gholam (no chance of failure)? He must have discovered how to utterly DESTROY the Dark One. Not just reseal him (since the Dragon Reborn can’t do that - see above!). Maybe he got thinking about breaking the seals, thus setting the Dark One free. Then Rand can strike a fatal blow to the Dark One, and the world NEVER has to worry about him again. This, of course, would be terrifying to the Dark One, and he would immediately dispose of any possibility of Fel talking (hence, Idrien finding his limbs piled next to the desk). Nothing else really seems to do justice to all of Fel’s ideas or his cause of death (being quartered by a gholam).

wotmania says: Hmmmm... If Fel thought Rand was incapable of resealing the hole in the Dark One's prison, why would he think him capable of killing the Dark One? Obviously, though, Fel must have discovered more than the fact that breaking the seals would cleanse saidin - I think the Dark One would consider that a fair trade. Fel must have discovered something big, and if he figured out a way to kill the Dark One, that would certainly merit sending a gholam after him.


I think you're on to something...

Posted by posse7703 on 03.07.01 12:42
Think about this...if the DO is released, he will destroy the wheel of time, thus ending the cycle of ages. There will never again be a third age. That means that the DO does not need to still exist, as the wheel is broken. If the pattern no longer needs the DO, he is free to be destroyed! I think this theory has a very good point to it!

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Yes, but...

Posted by Jimmy the Hand on 06.07.01 12:20
...when you consider that the Creator created the Dark One (even if only yot imprison him) it would suggest that there is a place for evil or at least latent evil. This means either the DO is imprisoned or dies and is replaced. If he's replaced, who by? Is the Creator grooming Fain? He's remarkably resilient isn't he?

The Dark One's Imprisonment

Posted by SighterGoliant on 04.01.02 10:26
I would like to draw your attention to some things said during either TGH or TDR, can't recall which. In a discussion of portal stones, in which it is being theorized that the worlds they link to are parallel worlds, it is stated, "If the Dark One is freed in one world he is loosed on them all. And if the Dark One remains imprisoned in one world he is contained in them all." This paradox has great connotations to the idea of destroying the Dark One. Sadly, I can't see exactly how. I think I may be on to something, but my sleep-starved mind can't figure out what. If anyone would like to extrapolate on this idea, feel free.

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I think it's close

Posted by krazed captian on 15.02.02 20:26
I think his discovery was along this line because he already knew how to clean saidin from the redstone doorway in Tear when he asked how to from the snake creatures cause in one of the books it mentions him asking that I'm not sure which one. The clearing the rubble probably has to do with destroying Shadar Logoth or however it is spelled.

Balance my man

Posted by MastahMalice on 21.09.02 22:19
Your theory is rather insightful in all but one point. The theory of balance. Min Farshaw in Crown of Swords interrupts Rand and Caraline to sound useful with Fel's theory of balance." There is no possible way that Rand could kill the Dark One. He has to exist to define the Creator. Just as Satan defines God, or Heaven defines Hell. The balance of the Dark One to the Creator is absolutely necessary in Randland.

Thank you for your time.