Fel’s Last Theorem

Posted by Oliver on 22.01.01 00:00

Okay... I'm gonna come out of left field here, but has anyone considered the idea that other parts of Fel's message to Rand have some sort of ulterior meaning? "Belief and order give strength. Have to clear rubble before you can build. Will explain when see you next. Do not bring girl. Too pretty."

In order of appearance:

Belief and order give strength: As Dragonlord mentioned earlier, this seems to have to do with the Asha'man. More specifically, I think that the idea of belief is for the Asha'man to believe in themselves, in Rand, and in the Light. The last thing we need is for a few blackcoats to suddenly decide that the Shadow is a good alternative. The notion of order giving strength is more puzzling - this may refer to the fact that a more effective seal could be made by the use of saidin and saidar. As we know, this wasn't possible in the Age of Legends due to the intervention of Latra Posae and and hence the eventual Fateful Concord. This time around, with female channelers like Nynaeve and Elayne being as strong as any female Aes Sedai in the Age Of Legends, things could be done differently.

Have to clear rubble before you can build: This has been discussed at length, and I suppose the idea that the seals need to be broken before anything better can be put in place. At this stage, I'm inclined to believe that Rand will be at Shayol Ghul with the Heroes of the Horn, a couple hundred Asha'man, and every Aes Sedai, Kinswoman, Windfinder, and Wise One he can rake up. He will break the last seal there and then, thus freeing the Dark One. And while Rand's job will be that of fighting the Dark One, the others will be trying to build a new prison while simultaneously punting Shadowspawn left and right. Taim will probably have been removed, as I really don't think he's sympathetic to Rand's cause. Logain will probably be M'Hael in his place, which is another meaning for 'clear rubble, then build.’

I think we can dispense with 'Will explain when see you next.' That seems to just be face value.

Do not bring girl. Too pretty: Well, there's no denying that Min is pretty, but is that really what Fel meant? There are several ways to take that line - perhaps that Fel doesn't want to see Min for some reason, which suggests that she would in some way be a distraction, especially if Fel wanted Rand to do something. Alternatively, it could be a reference to not having to use saidar in something, only saidin. Maybe Fel found a seal, and he wanted Rand to use saidin to strengthen it somehow. After all, if anyone could puzzle out a way to do that, it would be Fel. And if Fel knew a way for Rand to strengthen the seals, or to replace one with a better seal of Fel's own devising, then I think that would be knowledge that the Shadow would kill him for.

wotmania says: I love trying to figure out why exactly Fel was killed... I do not know about the first couple ideas you have, but personally I take Fel’s word on the Min thing - he did not want her there because she distracted him too much. I liked Fel a lot, it is a shame he had to die...


Kindaof a paradox there?

Posted by Bob The Asha_Man on 23.08.01 18:49
Well, let's see...first in your explaination of the rubble. You seem to imply that Fel implied that he wanted Rand to break the seals. However, later on, you say Fel wanted Rand alone because he wanted him to STRENGTHEN a seal? Doesn't that sound a little...off?

Bow to the Donut!!!

Reference to Min

Posted by Chukka on 07.12.01 12:57
The last part of Fel's letter, "Do not bring girl. Too pretty," was added by Jordan so that the letter would be kept by Min and eventually Rand would re-read it and work out what it means.

I'm not sure what all of it means except for the fact that it seems obvious that the seals need to be broken in order to create a new effective prison for the DO. Also, doesn't a seal break every time Rand and co. achieve something major?

on that...

Posted by errantrogue on 04.01.02 09:55
could it be that intense battles using the one power around the heartstone seals that occur whenever one is found broken could have something to do with it? or perhaps it IS random, just added pressure on the lightfriends...

as for fel, no matter what the message says, it makes sense for the philosopher to be assasinated as he is trying to bring order to chaos, something i doubt the DO would be happy about...

Can you see the line where the water ends?
Draws itself off into oblivion...

Belief and order strengthen the seals

Posted by TwoHerons on 17.01.02 23:27
The DO has issued a command for the forsaken to increase the chaos in the world because chos breaks down the seals. Order strengthens them. Fel's message does not refer to the Ashaman. It refers to the seals. It's as simple as that.


Posted by Phuna on 19.05.05 14:44
Belief and order give strength...
Remember that cuendillar is also called heartstone. The Age of Legends was an almost Utopian society. Now the world is in the dark ages again where Chaos is everywhere. Maybe Belief and Order give strength refers to the cuendiller and they've become weak because of all the chaos in the world.

Is it possible that...
Rand needs to unite the people in order to remake the seals?
Rand needs to find order and belief in himself to remake the seal?

and just to play my own Devils Advocate, if chaos in the world really does cause the seals to crumble then wouldn't the time of Artur Hawkwing also have cause the seals to break? He faught many wars before uniting the land, and after he died it was chaos again.