The Two Towers

Posted by Eshin on 22.01.01 00:00

Fel foresaw the unification of the Black Tower and the White Tower.

"Belief and order give strength. Have to clear rubble before you can build."
Someone stated that the first part is connected with the Asha'man. Well, I believe the second part is connected with them as well. With them and the White Tower. Look at Elaida's vision. I don't have the exact text with me right now, but it's something like:
"The Black Tower will be destroyed and the Aes Sedai will walk over its ashes."
This does not however mean that the Aes Sedai will destroy the Black Tower.

What has this got to do with everything? Well, I think that Fel found out that Rand has to reunite the Servants of All (male and female) to win the Last Battle. And he found out that both parts would have to be partially destroyed to achieve that.

The White Tower - now broken, Salidar against Elaida.

The Black Tower - while I don't believe Taim is Demandred (he's too cool to be Demandred), there is something in the Winter's Heart spoilers about Taim turning out to be a liar. This could perhaps signal a break-up of the Black Tower as well - some of the Asha'man go with Taim, the others join Rand.

Now if Taim decided to attack Elaida, or vice versa (Elaida - forced by the Sitters to free the captured sisters; Taim - simply wanting revenge from the Red Ajah), both fractions would probably both bleed to death, allowing another force to take total control or destroy them (clear away the rubble). That force could be Rand's Black Tower and Egwene's White Tower.

(Note: If they checked some records, they could probably find out that Lews Therin was the Tamyrlin in the Age of Legends. Now, since that probably meant as much as the Amyrlin nowadays, it would be a lot more plausible for the Salidar Aes Sedai to accept a union between Rand and Egwene).

wotmania says: I think it is pretty reasonable to think that the Aes Sedai and Asha'man will have to be united for Rand and company to win Tarmon Gai'don. I do not know for certain if that is what Fel was talking about (I would be more inclined to think he was talking about the Dark One's prison), but with Jordan anything is possible.


Fel, Elaida, and Nicola

Posted by Call_me_Tim on 31.05.01 14:00
I agree with several of the points of this post. I can relate the 'belief and order give strength' comment to the structures of the White and Black Towers. I think this is also supported by the Nicola's fortelling in Salidar, where she says that 'the guardians balance the servants'. Aes Sedai in the OT means _servants of all_, where one of the translative meanings of Asha'man is guardians.

I also agree that Elaida's fortelling isn't as clear and favorable as she seems to think:

"The Black Tower will be rent in blood and fire, and sisters will walk it's ground."

It doesn't say that the Aes Sedai are responsible for the blood and fire. In fact, from the Three Oaths, Aes Sedai can't attack Asha'man except in self-defense, unless they make the charge that all Asha'man are Darkfriends, something they couldn't do and still pretend to support the Dragon Reborn. More likely Rand and his personal Asha'man come and tear up the Black Tower, or else there is a show-down between the factions of Logain and Taim, or several Forsaken come by and chew the place up.

It is fairly clear that male and female channelers will have to work together to win the Last Battle. Fel had the answer to perfectly sealing the Bore, and Min will solve it in time.

Call me Tim

overlooking the obvious...

Posted by gary on 13.08.01 18:38
Aes Sedai are already walking the grounds of the Black Tower. They are the ones sent by Elaida, currently serving their captors. I think the Black Tower will be rent when the factions supporting Taim and Logain collide. Logain will achieve the glory from Min's vision when he overthrows Taim's corrupt hierarchy. Logain will support Rand (he is no longer claiming to be the dragon reborn and has no ambitions for glory, unlike Taim) and will unite the Black Tower firmly behind Rand. The "captured" Aes Sedai and some of the ones sworn to Rand now, will work toward uniting all wielders of the one power now tha the taint has been cleansed.

sisters will walk its grounds

Posted by punisher on 09.09.01 13:16
i dont have it on hand but ive read it a time or ten and it reads; the black tower will be rent in blood and sisters will walk its grounds. just to make it clearer, as said before sisters are walking the grounds of the black tower but i dont think its what elaida had in mind, it also said that it would be rent in blood, it didnt say whos blood. dont read so deep into some things or youll confuse yourself. one part of that fortelling already turned out to mean something other than what she thought so dont count on the other to be any more strait forward.

"Blood and Fire"

Posted by Jaric Mondoran on 30.04.02 10:10
Ok, we know the sisters walk the grounds. There's one part of the Foretelling. About the other part though....

Now, chances are, with all of the "weapon training" that;s going on at the Black Tower, fire is being used to tear up the grounds every day. A different explanation is that Taim and his faction will be caught, and set on fire with their heads blowing up or some such event that is the equivalent.

Yeah? A possibility?

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pionts of view

Posted by carri on 29.10.02 23:22
just a few comments: not all foretellings are going to come true, the future (even in randland) is not predetermined. Prophiceis and foretellings are more like guidelines that can be translated in many ways, not just literally, and are are usually done after the event has taken place.
1) 'rent in blood' = the traitors tree
1a)'rent in blood' = Eliada taking the tower
2) 'sisters walk the ground' = the captured aes sedai
2a)'sisters walk the ground' = the aes sedai who support
yes the two towers will have to 'join forces' before tarmon gaidon, the distinction between the two will need to remain, simillar to the symbols on the creullendar(sp), one side is black (but not DARK), the other side is white (but not LIGHT).
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