Upping an Asha’man’s Strength

Posted by Alena on 22.01.01 00:00

Logain was initially not nearly as strong as Rand. This was implied by Moiraine when she said Logain would have to direct all his strength at making sure he didn’t get "burned to a crisp." Except now we know he has nearly the strength of Rand. Rand was shielded by six Sisters in the Tower embassy. Logain was shielded by six Sisters in Salidar; and Logain was almost able to break the shield. I would assume this jump in potential was caused by some trick of Nynaeve’s Healing. One possibility is that Nynaeve was able to strengthen Logain’s ability. The more likely scenario is that Nynaeve bridged the severing in such a way that Logain immediately reached his full potential. This could greatly aid Rand. Rand and the Asha’man wouldn’t have to wait long years before they reached their full potential.

wotmania says: This is a very interesting idea... Naturally, it would be a great help to Rand and the other Asha’man if they could reach their full potential immediately. But the Asha’man do not like Aes Sedai, and it seems unlikely they would let a Sister gentle and then Heal them. I do not think an Asha’man would trust an Aes Sedai enough to Heal them after being gentled. Rand, though, might trust Nynaeve enough to risk it and reach his full potential immediately.


Rand vs. Logain

Posted by Moridin on 20.04.01 00:00
In response to Rand being shielded by six tower Aes' Sedai in Carhien remember that there were fifteen Aes' Sedai not six in the room. It took the total thirteen to shield and two to bind him with air. Logain is still as powerful as before. Weaker than Rand.


Posted by jadingress on 13.07.01 01:10
Throughout the journey they all took turns shielding him. So if a sister wearied, all she had to do was step aside while another sister took her place.

What if

Posted by AOBtD on 17.07.01 13:51
What if this was the lesson that Cadsuanne is going to teach the Ashaman, that they can reach their full ability by being gentled and healed.

Nevermind, Cadsuanne is an Old Aes Sedai, and therefore likely is of the opinion that stilling can't be healed.

Sorry for the ramble.



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Men and women...

Posted by posse7703 on 24.08.01 01:19
"The greatest works of the age of legends had men and women working side by side..."
What if the saidar link in the saidin gap actually makes the bond stronger? A combination of both powers is stronger than either power alone. So...perhaps the "bridge" of saidar actually makes a man STRONGER than his full potential actually was?

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Why Gentle

Posted by Izradi Dellais on 20.10.01 18:27
What if the link can be strenghtened *without* the Asha'Man being Gentled in precedence? This would have to be a different weave altogether, but there is no reason why the Saidar part shouldn't be able to fit into the link without it being severed, especially if it is actually able to put it back together, so the elements of the link should be compatible enough to do so. This would also be in accordance with a different theory that states taht the link to Saidin is actually made of Saidar. Also, shouldn't it be possible to do the opposite for Aes Sedai?

One problem...

Posted by Goaswerfraiejen on 07.02.02 16:18
Already, Asha'man die like flies in winter because they try to reach their potential too quickly...would this not increase the chance of death in this manner?

Saidar is not filling the gap

Posted by Nimvin on 20.02.02 19:56
There was a Hole where Nynaeve could 'feel' something was missing. Saidar healed Logain's severing or 'cut' but there is no Saidar in residence in Logain right now unless he's bein kinkier with those Aes Sedai he has tied to him than I thought. Neat thought huh? Sex tricks with the OP oh yeah. Sorry bout that, just came out and I had to bring it up. peace.

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Something to think about

Posted by heimy on 09.04.02 05:02
Remember that what Aes Sedai believe they can claim as truth and it doesn't affect the oath. That being said, how the heck would Moiraine know how strong Logain is when she was off hunting rand during his brief claim to fame? I think Logain was the same srength as ever, or why wouldn't we hear the same sort of stuff from the sisters that Flinn healed in WH?

yeah one thing though

Posted by swede on 03.05.02 12:49
i agree that is what happened. but I do not think that they should do that. Having power and knowing how to use it are different things. At the beginning of the series Moiraine was weeker than egewene but she was more powerful because she knew what to do. Strength increases gradually so that it keeps the errors that someone can do at a minimum.

When the ashaman were learning and that one guy blew up the rock but did not get his shield up in time, He could have instead blow the whole middle of the farm apart.

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Sorry to burst your bubble

Posted by taishar_feung on 20.05.02 10:11
Logain was always very strong:
LoC To Heal Again
"Siuan twisted around to face her, but she included Nynaeve as well, 'I went by Logain's house. Six sisters are maintaining his shield, the same as when we captured' ... So he's as strong as he ever was, or else close enough to make no difference"

BTW, the reason the Aes Sedai can switch around while maintaing the weave is quite simple:
1) People can't constantly try to break a shield, it is too tiring.
2) maintaining the weave is simpler than creating it

Interesting thought...

Posted by Noble_Kain on 16.07.02 18:36
however, just because Logain was ALMOST able to break the weave held by 6 sisters, and Rand was held by the same...

Well, isn't the strength of the weave directly related to the strength of the sisters who maintain it? That being said, the sisters weren't the same as the ones who shielded Rand, so it is entirely possible that they weren't as strong. Plus, you also have to remember that only ONE of the AS is in control of the weave at any moment, so if that particular sister is not as talented at shielding... you get the point.

On the other hand, it your theory IS very possible. That would make for interesting events in the coming books, and I am very curious to see if you are right.

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6 Aes Sedai

Posted by vageabcissa on 03.03.04 02:24
If I remember right, Rand stated in LoC that the 6 was a minimum to hold any man after originally shielded. Therefore, Logain doesn't necessarily have to be as powerful or weaker than Rand. It's just an old knowledge to maintain the shield with 6 b/c that's all that is needed.
I mean, really, just because Logain was shielded with 6 and Rand was shielded with 6 doesn't give a good estimation of the strength of either of them.

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Rands stronger

Posted by runeknight on 29.07.04 14:47
If you remember correctly Rand was initially shielded by the full circle of 13 and he was still almost able to break the shield. That in its self is a token to his power that has probably not yet reached its full potential seeing how power in saidin makes random jumps of considerable size rather than gradually growing..

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Posted by Tree sister on 06.03.05 20:17
This might be so, but since being able to heal severing is so new, no one has had a chance to study it, and we don't know what other effects it might have.

To Runeknight

Posted by ThereIsWOTInMyVeins on 23.07.05 21:33
the only way Rand could almost break the shield of 13 was cause of his fat-little-man angreal.

Cool Theory.

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