In Reference to Healing Stilling and Gentling

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Just a quick observation... Could it also be possible that the reason a woman cannot (at this point) Heal another woman completely from stilling, is that there is some difference (other than name) in stilling and gentling? For example, Logain, Siuan, and Leane were are cut from their respective powers by women. What if men are somehow cut from their powers differently then women when done so by female Aes Sedai, thus when they are Healed they can be healed more completely. This would raise a question as to what would happen if a man is gentled by another man and then Nynaeve tried to Heal him.

wotmania says: Now this is an idea I have not heard before. Maybe the difference is not how men and women Heal, but in who severed the victims. Anything is possible. Healing someone who has been severed is a new ability, and more will be learned about it with each case. Perhaps before the series is over we will know what the story is.


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Ok... now calm down a little...

Now back to the topic. First, Stilling and Gentling is the same thing and probably done about the same. The difference in the name comes from the perception of the current female Aes Sedai. While losing the ability to channel Saidar is somewhat a curse, they gave it a name with a negative connotation, while a male losing the ability to channel would be a cure from the oncoming madness, thus 'gentling' them.
The true difference would lay in between Stilling/Gentling vs. Burned out. (I wonder if that could be curable???)

Also by the post-WH reading, we now know that to have an efficient healing, the healer must be of the opposite sex. Nyn kicked a$$ when healing Logain, but Leane and Siuan didn't even have a third of their former power.
Then, in far away Cairhien, Damer (I think) healed A.S. that were stilled during the Battle of Dumai's Well. If I remember correctly, it was Cadsuane who mentionned that they regained their former strenght in the power.

I hereby rest my case.

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Fire and Earth

Posted by Joar Addam Nessosin on 14.06.01 11:04
I wonder if it has to do with the way they are healed, Nynaeve healed Logain using Fire and Earth, the areas in which males are usually stronger. Maybe if a female was healed using Air and Water she would also regain her full strength

Burning out

Posted by Izradi Dellais on 20.10.01 18:19
As far as i know, Stilling/Gentling is a Spirit weave, formed as a temporary shield, excetp less temporary (wasn't this thing done to one of the black Ajah - Joyia Amico it was, don't know which book). This weave shouldn't be too flexible in its form for the gender, and it would be quite inconvenient since it is possible that this has to be done very quickly in case of a battle. There has been no evidence that points that it's a different thing, and the glossary in the books says that gentling in case of woman is *called* stilling, which would indicate it's just a different name. Burning Out should be different, because it's not a weave altogether, but rather irrepairable damage done to the link between the channeler and the One Source. If this link is to be imagined as a conduit, maybe the flow of the One Power damages it constantly, and burning out occurs when the damage exceeds a certain limit. It sould be imagined as some sort of cable being sawed at, that falls down when sawed through completely. Except that in this case the conduit regenerates itself in time, by something that can be compared to gravity. The link is severed when the ends are too far to attract themselves. In the case of Stilling/Gentling, this would be accompanied by cutting the link off at a distance (virtual, just try to imagine this), so that the ends would not reach and part of the link it would have to be constructed anew, with the opposite sex using the more appropriate powers for the link. Whileas in the case of Burning Out, the link is cut off at just one place and not too cleanly, so to heal it it should suffice to bring the loose ends together and let them regenerate.

Re: In Reference to Healing Stilling and Gentling

Posted by nigelgoboom on 02.03.02 09:55
since aparently ntneave healed logain to full strength but siuan and leane came up short, then flinn heals the tower AS to aparently full strenth(since they didn't mention otherwise) but hasn't had the opportunity to heal a Asha'Man yet... with this info i've always felt that saidar and saidin being opposites that it would appear that saidar would be needed to fully restore saidin and vice versa...

it all falls in line with the general theme so far in that using saidar and saidin together is the most potent way to utilize the OP... they are two halves of the same thing, they are interdependent...