Healing in Relation to Stilling

Posted by Gaidan Roids on 22.01.01 00:00

My theory is one in reference to the Healing of stilling. When Nynaeve Healed Siuan and Leane their strengths were not even a quarter of what they once were, but when she Heals Logain his strength is just the same as it was, if not more so. I believe that if Siuan and Leane want to be truly Healed then they must be Healed by a man, because the opposite forces of saidin and saidar at work.

wotmania says: The reason Siuan and Leane were not Healed correctly is most likely either that they were Healed by a woman, or they were Healed with a weave primarily of Fire and Earth. Perhaps to Heal a woman more Water and Air must be used? Tough debate to settle.



Posted by mjasghar on 27.06.01 13:16
In WH, Damar has Healed one of those Burned out Reds COMPLETLY.
As to wether it needs specific weaves: Nynaeve used all the weaves when she did. It is more likely that the Male way of healing is needed. The Male way probably needs Fire (when Flinn Healed Rand, I think Rand felt warmth) but it is also a philosophy. As females HAVE to use Water to stop a flame, men HAVE to use Fire to absorb it etc. There are other things like the way they Travel.
If women must use the Power in a different way, it is unlikely women can do what Flinn did.
BTW, I think the way the unStilling was mentioned was too low key. After all, we know Moiriane is going to need it.

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All I can say is....

Posted by Min_Cauthon on 30.07.02 00:58

I'm pretty sure everyone already figured that out long ago! I'm suprised anyone would even think to post it. On the other hand, I agree with you

Makes complete sense

Posted by Tree sister on 06.03.05 20:14
This makes complete sense. Saidin and Saidar have always as been betrayed as opposites, this is just a continuation of that point.