How to Heal Stilling for Men and Women

Posted by Cpt. Sqweky on 22.01.01 00:00

I’m sorry, but Jordan made this one so surprisingly obvious that I am extremly surprised I’m the only person who saw the snake in front of my face. Let me start with this. When a woman makes a gateway, she makes the two places she wants to go "similar." When a man makes a gateway, he folds the Pattern up and bores a hole. Now, when Nynave Healed Suian she used the same weave as she did on Logain. One of the sisters commented that her weave was like she was "boring a hole through stone." She didn’t realize that you only use that weave on men. The way to Heal a woman stilled would to close the gap by "making them similar." Only no one realizes this. It is this reason that Suian and Leane aren’t at full strength. If they were to be stilled again, and their "gap" "made similar" then they would once again be at full strength.

wotmania says: I think a lot of people (in the WoT online community) recognized that the weaves to Heal men and women are different, but this is an excellent theory about the possible solution. The only reason nobody in Randland has thought of it so far is probably because Traveling is so new to them, they have not had time to study it yet. Nice work!


Yup, Yup...

Posted by Cpt. Sqweky on 19.04.01 00:00
This one's pretty indisputable. No needs to go any farther. Hands down, this is it.

If my theory ever gets posted

Posted by Onarishma on 26.06.01 19:11
Hey I personally don't think the Healing has much to do with how it was woven, but more about whos doing the weaving. I sent in a theotry that hasn't been posted yet comparing The healing of Severing to the cleansing of saidin. Perhaps the best resistance (like in electricity) can only be achieved when the conductor is made of the opposite power. A bridge of saidar would be more effective to contain saidin than a weave of saidar and a weave of saidin would be most effective to contain saidar. However after writing all this, i perhaps could add that alongside usiong the opposite power it has to do with how that power is used. Men bore a hole with saidin because if the tried to do it the other way they would harm themselves because saidin doesn't work that way. Oh and by the way i think the boring a hole through a stone wasa figure of speech refering to Nynaeves power usage and not her actual weave

Where did these Skimmers come from? I mean if they didn't want to read the book they could have just Traveled to another author. Why risk arriving at the wrong destination? Why risk falling into darkness?

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I never thought of it that way! I assumed it just took saidin to heal a stilling and saidar to heal a gentling, but you do bring up a very good point. Darn! And I just thought I was sooooo smart!


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/me nods

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Oh Really?

Posted by Izradi Dellais on 20.10.01 19:05
Maybe that is the way to do it, but the real question is, *can* female channelers do it. Even if it wasn't a description of the amount of power, which i can't say, since the book hasn't been published in my country yet, women can't Travel the way that men do, nor can they do other thing that way (putting out a fire is a very good example). Even if this theory on healing is right, it wouldn't empower women to heal this way.

Good theory

Posted by Inane on 28.09.02 20:24
I like this theory, but remember - nobody knew about making the pattern identical because this was before Egwene rediscovered how a woman Travels.

men Heal women, and women Heal men.

Posted by Alfheim on 10.02.03 14:22
I was looking through this and have to agree with Onarishma with that idea. I wasn't too sure why Suian and Leane weren't restored to full strength but Logain was after Nyneave Healed them. But when Flinn healed the women stilled by Rand escaping from the chest, and it's says 'it's like nothing happened to them', I started to figure women have to Heal men and men have to Heal women. The differences in the power (as used with the cleansing of Saidin) appear that they would make better bridges to contain the opposite Power, and close over the "gap".

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