Can the Madness Be Cured

Posted by MaDDoG on 22.01.01 00:00

We all remember that Ishamael "cured" Lews insanity for a moment. But since he could do it, and he was not likely a good Healer either, can one of the now living Aes Sedai do the same. Since Nynaeve Healed Logain maybe she can cure a man driven mad by the taint. That would be a way for the Asha'man to trust the Aes Sedai and forge an alliance between the Black Tower and the White Tower. I know this is pretty weak but think about it.

wotmania says: You are certainly correct on one point - if any Aes Sedai discovers a way to Heal any damage done by the taint, it would be an excellent start to the integration of the Black Tower and the White Tower. I am not sure whether or not the taint can be Healed... Personally, I think it probably cannot be Healed. At the same time, though, I think Jordan might have one of the Aes Sedai (Nynaeve, most likely) discover a way to Heal the madness. When the series ends I would not want to have a bunch of crazy Asha'man running around.


I would agree with you but...

Posted by Jeffron on 12.09.01 12:52
In an interview with RJ someone did ask about the taint and whether or not the madness could be reversed. He was quoted in saying that if the taint was removed the subject's taint that he obtained could not be removed. I think the interview is in the www wheel of time links in the interview with CNN(?)

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Can the One Power Cleanse the Taint?

Posted by Akharu on 14.11.01 16:25
I wouldn't be too sure of the one power's ability to remove the taint from a person. Case in point, Ishmael seemed to heal LTT with the True Power, although that may be a weak argument, because he seems to use that for just about every little thing. Still, it may be more similar to those black bands protecting the male Forsaken than anything-the madness comes from the DO, it may take his power to remove it.

I agree with you. . . .

Posted by Silverlight on 08.02.02 15:59
I agree simply becuase I think not healing the taint would leave part of the story untold. I think it would leave to much of the story as an unknown. Although this could be a good reason to countinue the saga in a new series. . . . .

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Well, I like the basic idea of the theory but.....

Posted by Jaric Mondoran on 27.04.02 01:15
It's a pretty plausible theory that you have put together here, but....WHY MUST IT BE NYNAVE THAT DOES IT!!!! I know that you did not say that she would be the one to do it outright, but you implied as much. I mean, really. The other Sisters didn't even think of using fire and earth for Healing and so now they can do more and I think Nyn should just be shoved into a closet and forgotten for the rest of the series. No one likes her with her constant braid pulling and excessive sniffing (at least i dont think anyone likes her ) I like the idea of the madness being healed though.

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Cadsuane has the key.

Posted by Nick alThor on 26.07.02 14:03
I don't recall at what point in the series, there were several actually, where Min saw that Cadsuane had something to teach the men who could channel saidin. That they "had to learn it" and that they definitely wouldn't like it. I think that, since Cadsuane is a legend walking, and she has been around for so long, that she has already found a way to cure the madness. This is what she has to teach the men of the Black Tower & Rand. The reason they won't like it, is because she is so demanding of respect, that it's a blow to the their egos. They are tired and ashamed of their "sickness" and this will bring it out in the open, for all to learn of. The men needing help from a woman.

I think that also, I'm digressing here so forgive me, that Cadsuane will have to teach Rand how to laugh again before the Last Battle. She's stated this several times, usually in a sorrowful demenour. As I've read in the series, if Rand doesn't learn how to laugh soon, he will just be as bad as the Dark One.

Digressing more...I think Rand is acting like a big baby right now. I also think Cadsuane needs to stop playing with Rand's mind so much. Of course, she's doing it because he has his nose so high up in the air, he can't see where he needs to go next. Rand needs to get off of his high horse & treat Cadsuane & others with the respect that they deserve, and Cadsuane needs to treat Rand with the respect that he deserves.

Cured for a moment.... I think he did cure Lews Therin

Posted by Ged on 06.08.02 07:20
So, here's my take on what happened. The True Power unlike the OP does not have technical probloems, and perhaps works with imagination. He wanted Lews Therin to be healed and so he was. Thus Lews Therin was not insane. Unfortuantely, Lews Therin being the same level of glook as Rand al'Thor, couldn't tolerate what had happened, and blew his now repaired mental circuitry Seriously the disgust of having such pathetic goodies....

As for curing it, the fact that people go mad at various rates, and people like Logain somehow manage to escape the madness, and that there are differing rates(even from Rand's own experiences in possible worlds, most likely there is a way to avoid going mad to begin with. Possibly a mental issue. Like relaxed people falling sick less often.

I doubt that they are going to come up with a way to heal the madness though.

I also suspect that something or the other will lead to the eternally stupid Rand(possibly his bondeds dying), going mad. And breaking the world.(Maybe with the Choedan Kal, and merged with the mind of Lews Therin and perhaps his older selves.... wonderful)

One glaring problem with this.

Posted by GMPax on 28.08.02 16:21
By the words Ishamael spoke when he cured Lews Therin of the taint-induced madness, I believe it was not the One Power Ishamael used.

It was the True Power. Ishamael specifically said, after all, that the Dark One "could also heal" ...

Therefor, while the Taint can be removed (how else would the Male forsaken remain sane), it does not stand that it can be done with the One Power.

MAYBE it can be dealt with. Maybe not.

Hey, if the Dark can do it...

Posted by thansveld on 15.12.02 04:36
...then the Light can too.


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But I thought...

Posted by kwestfall_2006 on 29.12.02 13:54
I thought Ishamael used the True Power to Heal Lews Therins madness, and from the voice in Rands head, that wasn't permanent.

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any thing short of death should be able to be healed

Posted by BROTHERofBATTLES on 01.01.03 22:57
I belive that Semhriage mentioned that she had been one of the most skilled healers of the age of legends and had a particular tallent for sicknesses of the mind. so it is entirely possible that maddness could be cured whether it will happen or not is realy the question.


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Nyneave Rocks!

Posted by Anna Sedai on 09.03.03 16:26
I think Cadsuane will heal Rand by riding him of paranoia and rehumanizing him. This is beacuse the madness may be like other mental diseases may be curalbe by reversing the simptons. Rand is definetly already insane. Just read EotW then CoT and you'll see what I mean. Ged this story has nothing to with evil chickens and only has one severe sadist so keep the rest of "The Sword of Truth" out. And Nyneave is awsome so leave her alone. She has strong leadership qualitys and thinks outside the box.
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Sisters in AoL...

Posted by Lord General Cauthon on 07.07.06 06:21
"A pity for you that one of your Sisters is not here" (tEoTW Prologue, Dragonmount) This is stated by Ishamael in direct conjunction to the taint. Even if something can only be cured for a few moments by the OP, that would seem to suggest that a permanent cure would be possible.

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