Healing Being Severed Block from Taint?

Posted by Ice Cream Man on 22.01.01 00:00

This is just a thought... Could it be possible that the bridge made by saidar could be a shield that protects male channelers from the taint? Maybe it could act like the Forsakens' oaths to the Dark One and the taint would slide off. Or, from another perspective, perhaps the taint would slowly degrade the bridge of saidar so that a male could never permanently be Healed (unless of course saidin was cleansed). If either was possible, it would take a while before it was noticed.

wotmania says: This is an interesting idea... Perhaps Logain will no longer be affected by the taint? Or perhaps his strength will slowly dissipate? We will just have to wait and see what happens as the series progresses.



Posted by Deathbone1 on 31.01.02 21:33
Uh...the taint has been cleansed, so we don't really need to worry about the taint anymore, but it would be a good theory if the taint was still there though. Oh well, thanks for playingj/k
Good theory =

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In addition to being cleansed

Posted by Dirty Water on 14.02.02 09:07
What if the weave Nynaeve made didn't work as a bridge, but instead simply tied the two "threads" together? I mean; Logain -| gap |- The source. So instead of the thing that you actually say; Logain -|-bridge-|- the source, it could be like; Logain -(tied together)- the source. If you read through the books after he got healed (I've skimmed through it just to check this out), RJ doesn't say anywhere that Logains strength has weakened after the healing. Siuan Sanche's strength though, is really weak compared to what it once was...

Conclusion: Maybe the healing Nynaeve performed worked perfectly for men, but not for women? We don't really have any answers to any of the theories until RJ says it himself. I mean, most of the theories posted are after all just "wild" shots in the air hoping to hit something. What is so weird about all this is that i.e. Moridin = Ishamael, we don't know this even if it is a lot of things speaking for it - Moridin could be a new person that has lived since the AoL outside Randland in a place where time doesn't move, etc. We never know with RJ's books... (That's what makes them so good!)

Partial healing

Posted by ramone0 on 16.07.02 04:49
Being severed can be Healed as we see, and it just gets the victim the ability to chanel back. It is not a saidar bridge, just the ability given back.
Besides, the only flaw is that, a male can only be completely be healed by a female, and a female can be completely healed by a male. A female healing a female gives only a partial ability.
And... Only Logain has been healed, on the male side, as far as we know, and the taint is removed from Saidin. Why should it be important if that healing blocks the taint ?

I agree with the above comment

Posted by thansveld on 15.12.02 03:28
Yeah, I've also been thinking that Severing can only be Healed completely by the opposite sex of the Severed person. I believe this is kind of a reference by RJ to common sexual tension and the need for harmony between males and females, which may or may not tie into the White and Black Towers cooperating....

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