Dragons Are From Shara

Posted by Jak o’ the Shadow on 22.01.01 00:00

The prophecy at the end of Lord of Chaos says:

"The unstained tower breaks and bends knee to the forgotten sign.The seas rage, and the stormclouds gather unseenBeyond the horizon, hidden fires swell, and serpents nestle in the bosom.What was exalted cast down, what was cast down is raised up.Order burns to clear his path."
What always struck me as odd in the books is that although the term "dragon"' is widely used and known throughout Randland, the actual beasts, the dragons, are never referred to and/or described. If you think about it, aren’t dragons simply big serpents? "Beyond the horizon, hidden fires swell, and serpents nestle in the bosom." In my humble opinion, when Robert Jordan says "Beyond the horizon" he means Shara, the vast stretch of land east of the Aiel Waste, and when he writes "serpents," it means dragons. Shara is the only place in Rand’s continent that retains a certain sense of mystery. We don’t really know what’s going on there except for a few peddlers’ stories and what the Aiel say about them. I don’t think he means the Seanchan continent when he writes "beyond the horizon." If so, the Seanchan armies would be riding dragons to retake Rand’s continent.

Further evidence of this possibility comes at the beginning of A Crown of Swords. The prophecy states "He calls upon... the very sky to bow." In my opinion, another indication that dragons exist, and that they will serve Rand, the DRAGON Reborn, as Tarmon Gai’don draws near.

Another prophecy in The Fires of Heaven states that, "Storms rumble beyond the horizon, and the fires of heaven purge the earth." Beyond the horizon=Shara, fires of heaven=dragons. The dragons are awakening in Shara, and purging the earth as they do so.

wotmania says: Now this is a very cool theory. I cannot recall seeing something like this anywhere else. I like the idea of there being dragons flying around in Shara, and nobody knows anything about the nation except what visitors can see in a few walled towns. Shara has to play a part in the story - every other nation has. This is an interesting possibility.


- Dragons Are From Shara?, Or maybe not?

Posted by Schwen on 14.04.01 00:00
The unstained tower breaks and bends knee to the forgotten sign. The seas rage, and the stormclouds gather unseen Beyond the horizon, hidden fires swell, and serpents nestle in the bosom. What was exalted cast down, what was cast down is raised up. Order burns to clear his path."

This could simply mean that Rand does a lot of conquering with the old Aes Sedai sign, the teardropdragons fang. The seas rage; a lot of activity from Seanchan, in other words, the Return of the High Kings heirs..
"hidden fires swell" could mean that there would be a lot of sceming in Seanchan, or elsewhere, trying to gain support for the crystal throne, surviving whitecloaks, shaido, or maybe the forsaken. The serpent is also a symbol of time itself, or so i seen to recall.
"What was exalted cast down, what was cast down is raised up. Order burns to clear his path." This could simply mean the fall of the crystal throne and the blood, and the rise of the aes sedai, or damane.

During these changes, fires or war ravage the lands, in the name of the dragon reborn.. (in the same manner as we see with the prophet)

Of course, this is just a theory. I do not mean to discredit Dragons Are From Shara theory, but merely offer a ifferent point of view. Also, if dragons were from Shara, how come they haven't been seen by the aiel. Surely, they should be able to move around a little in order to be dangerous. I think that they are legendary creatures, like dragons in our world. (Based upon extinct animals, perhaps..)

seancha and dragons

Posted by Rinoa on 19.06.01 07:03
I don't believe live dragons will ever come to play in the story. Well.. Seanchan very nearly rides dragons (raken,isn't that what they're called?), but I don't think that's what it means.
But.. there certinly are some strange creatures over in Shara, and if Noal is Jain Farstride, he wouldn't be lying bout beeing in Shara, and the things he saw..

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Worlds of If

Posted by jove on 11.07.01 17:09
When Rand went to that other world didn't he see dragons in the sky? Or something like that? And what about the ground being burned the way it was? Dosn't this sugest that maybe dragons will play some roll in the future?

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Seanchan fits just as well

Posted by Haplo48 on 27.08.01 13:37
Seanchan is over the horizen, the fires could be from Damane and Sul'dam, and the serpents could refer to raken, To'raken, or even some of their grounded monsters. Ohterwise a good theory.

Jordan' world.

Posted by Walruss on 03.09.01 10:22
The thing about robert Jordan's fantasy world is that there are no elves, dwarf, wizards (in the conventional sense), no mythological creatures from ancient history, and certanly not crearures like mighty firebreathing dragons. in my opinion, they wouldn't fit in. Then again, that's just my opinion.

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Posted by Maldais on 05.11.01 21:24
Rakens are close enough to dragons that RJ could put dragons in. And dragons do describe thouse things in the other world as well. And it would be cool if something really big came into the books like that for all the talk of these exotic worrior creaters the Seanchan have then never use them exept for the Raken. I don't remember ever reading one of those things being used in battle.

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serpents nestle in the bosom

Posted by jesus_online on 05.02.02 15:39
I think this is a reference, not to dragons really, but an obscure reference to the way the Aes Sedai (Nynaeve, Egwene, & Elayne, too) hide their rings on necklaces. How many times in the story do they talk about the ring that's nestled in the bosom? Alot. I will say though that I am truly curious as to why Lews Therin was called the Dragon, and where the idea for the Dragon came from. If every legend were true in the WoT at some point, he didn't just dream up a dragon one day. I'd really like to see if he explains why the dragon is such a key point to the story.

Dragons are a myth.....

Posted by Child of the Light on 16.02.02 03:35
I don't think that dragons actually exist in the WOT world... I think that they are just mythological creatures representing power and mystery, and the reason LTT and Rand can have the title Dragon without there actually being real dragons is because the dragon is such a well known symbol... look how popular dragons are in our world and last time I checked there weren't any flying around...

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Tuon and Mat

Posted by exaltedmirage on 26.02.02 00:01
If Mat convinces Tuon that Rand is not meant to serve the crystal throne, then maybe Tuon would believe herself the seachan are to serve Rand. In that case the Raken would then be under his control and go from fighting him to bowing to him.

Flying dragons?

Posted by SolZenChristo on 21.06.02 13:52
Correct me if I'm mistaken but aren't the dragons shown on the dragon banner Chinese Dragon. Which in any other fantasy wouldn't even be categorized as a Dragon. Unless the Flag visible on the cover of the Path of Daggers is ommitting wings, Fires of Heaven cannot be from Randland Dragons because they (it) do(es) not fly.

just a thought

Posted by AyyadMale on 02.09.02 04:24
Although the person who wrote this says that shara is the place that holds mystery, there is still the Isle of Madmen, and still the blight still holds secrets yet unknown. the dragons that could have existed could be the jumara in their full adult form, or perhaps simply a large lizard ((called a dragon because of it shape when compared to things from myth eg. Kimodo Dragons)) from either Shara or the Isle of Madmen....

I believe...

Posted by Dragon5001 on 20.11.02 17:44
I believe that this line "Beyond the horizon, hidden fires swell, and serpents nestle in the bosom" doesn't mean anything about dragons. More as in the lines of The Horizon may be Shayol Gaul (spelling?). And The Serpents to be the darkfriends, forsaken, and other shadow spawn. It makes more since then dragons popping up when as one of the others said this being the first mystical creature to pop up in the series.

Classical History

Posted by pevin on 10.12.02 00:22
"serpents nestle in the bosom" could also have mythological reference to Cleopatra killing herself.. the death of royal lines. Egypt was the last Greek state to come under Roman conquest. If you look as classical history, the Greeks colonized Italy, then Italy, the Romans, conquered the Greek...

Randland set out to colonize across the Aryth Ocean, and now we have the Seanchen coming back to claim what was lost.

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quite possible

Posted by magpie sedai on 02.02.03 19:39
I think there are dragons in Shara. Perhaps they were all over the world in AoL, how can people come up with a name and accurate description that is so widely accepted without having seen it? Also, there are skeletons of creatures that no one has seen or remembers in that room in the capitol of Tarabon, was it? from the aol, so why couldnt there be dragons too?

The Fires of Heaven

Posted by A Wind Rises on 13.09.03 03:15
I thought that the fires of heaven prophecy referred to Rahvin's attack on Rand and Co. after they arrived in Camelyn.

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Posted by Ashaman Taman on 26.04.08 08:18
To begin with, I shudn't really read these posts as I am not one of the academics

Well, here it is. The Dragon on Lews Therins banner (logically all other Dragons in WoT, as RJ would not go so low that he copies TWO mythological species) are a Chinese dragon. Chinese dragons (Asian dragons) Can Not Fly. Simple as that. Read lots of omgdragonspwnlet'scopyallotherfantasy therories lately, hope I am posting on the one that's reffering to Fires of Heaven..

The only way that a Lews Therin Telamon bannerdragon could wreak havoc and fire from the skies is if Rand made a giant trampoline that the dragon could bounce on.. and somehow I do not think that will happen.