Adding to Dragons Are From Shara

Posted by Charles Cattran on 22.01.01 00:00

Liked this theory. Another thing to note is that Shara is in the Far East of Rand Land. This could be because Jordan’s Shara is the equivalent to ancient China. For example, where did Europe get its silk from, the Far East. If Shara is Rand Land’s China, this helps the "Dragons are from Shara Theory" because everyone knows where the legend of dragons came from, China. Perhaps, if Shara Dragons ever do come into play in the story, gunpowder may as well?

wotmania says: There are certainly a lot of parallels between Shara and China. Also, might gun powder come from the Illuminators’ fireworks?



Posted by cynic79 on 11.06.01 00:08
I think gunpowder will come into this. Remember that Aludra asked Mat why she would need a bellfounder? To build a cannon of course! This will at least bring heavy artillery into the story, if not proper rifles and other assorted guns.


Dragon legends

Posted by RCrandall on 24.03.02 11:23
I strongly doubt there will ever be any real dragons in the series.. What's more, dragon legends are from all over the world, it is not something exclusive to asian myth, just a common thread. On the other hand, if you mean the dragon design that the dragon banner holds, then that is a somewhat more asian dragon, yes.


Posted by The one they only one on 11.04.02 14:18
I've heard a lot about dragons coming from China. I would like to clarify that not all dragon origins or from china. The anchent celt often used my types of dragons. Although many are not what we think of as dragons. They were a varied beast and each one held aspecial power to the celts. The dragon as many Americans see it comes from these dragons combined, where as the dragons in the WoT do resemble the Chines dragon. I just wanted to make a point that all dragons are not of Chinese influance.

Shara will conquer in the Fourth Age

Posted by Monboddo on 31.12.02 00:01
From the enormous amount of work Jordan put into the construction of the WOT universe, and his keen sense of history, I would say that he is saving Shara for the Fourth Age. Think about it - according to the Lord of Chaos and the Guide, they've been inbreeding their channelers for most of the Third Age. No matter what Seanchan, the Aiel, and Randland (Land of the Madmen may be a wild card) do they can't match the power of artificial selection. Just look what such techniques did to corn and the cow?

Wait a Minute.

Posted by Batosai on 16.08.03 23:25
Hold on. If Shara = China, what does the mainland equal? How did you get Europe from curved swords and dragons that look like snakes with claws? (Yeah, believe it or not, Callandor is curved; look in Winter's Heart, ch. 35, p.740, paperback ed. I don't care what the artist depicts on the Dragon Reborn's cover. Robert Jordan didn't draw the picture, but he did write the book.) How about the serpentine blades of Saldea? Seanchan have oriental armor. Face it. RJ's world is no Europe, whether you like it or not.

We rode on the winds of the rising storm,
We ran to the sounds of the thunder.
We danced among the lightning bolts,
and tore the world assunder


Posted by los_cabadrin on 17.11.05 12:57
Gunpowder is from Aludra and Mat smarts.