Dragons In Our Midst?

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More than likely Shara is yet another country with a prophecy to be fulfilled and in one way or another Rand will do it. I like the idea of dragons existing on the other side of the Aiel Waste but it seems a bit incongruous that they have never been seen by anyone, except for the possibility of the Sharans. If we are comparing Shara to China in reference to dragons one must remember that dragons were supposedly seen throughout the entire eastern hemisphere and parts of the western at one time or another. What makes Randland any different? Why would these dragons stay in just Shara and not roam the rest of the continent looking for flocks of sheep and/or the virgins of the land? Even if they are asleep in some ancient cave on the far end of Shara they still would have left legends from ancient times such as the Age of Legends. Yet another point is the Breaking of the World - if these dragons do exist they would have had to been seen after such a cataclysmic event; I know that would have woke me up. I’m not trying to disprove the theory that Shara habors dragons, I’m just being sceptical.

"He calls upon the very sky to bow." More than likely this is a quote in reference to the weather, which up until now has played a major role in the saga. Rand does seem to have the ability to call down massive damage from the sky. And as far as the other quote, "Storms rumble beyond the horizon, and the fires of heaven purge the earth," I once again see mother nature and/or Rand fulfilling this one.

Like I said earlier, I’m not trying to disprove this theory, I’m just being skeptical. To be quite honest I would love Robert Jordon to prove me wrong on this one but I don’t believe it will happen.

wotmania says: Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion. You make a good point - why has no one ever mentioned having seen dragons before? I am also trying to recall if any of the palaces or museums (Tarabon comes to mind) had murals or anything which might have depicted a dragon. Maybe Rand will wake the dragons up or something. Who knows, but I would not be shocked if dragons played a part in the story. At the same time, though, I suppose I would not be totally surprised if Jordan never mentions them... Can you tell I have yet to make up my mind on this topic?


One thing..

Posted by Kainin Ashaman on 02.06.01 23:04
There had to be dragons at one point or another during the spinning of the wheel. otherwise how would people now about them. By this I mean, the flag with the dragon on it and the Title The dragon. Im not sure if there are dragons around at all during the last few ages but Im pretty sure that at one time or another there were dragons.

So, about these dragons...

Posted by Call_me_Tim on 03.06.01 14:41
If dragons have to exist somewhere in Randland, based on the argument that someone had to have seen a dragon sometime to come up with them, then that same argument must be valid in the real world too. And if for dragons, then for trolls, and hobgoblins, and elves, right? I mean, we have fairly complete descriptions of these creatures, so they must be real. Hmmm...

As for dragons in Shara, I can't say it's not going to happen, but there are people to have been inside Shara who might have noticed if there were dragons. Graendal took several "pets" from Shara, and from the royal family. If there were dragons to see, it would be quite likely she would have seen them. Having a reason to mention them is another issue, one that none of us can answer yet. But based on how things have gone up to now, I'm leaning toward no dragons. Just a man with a daunting title, the Dragon Reborn.

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Dragons found by the Drangon?

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Just a thought, but maybe part of the Sharan prophecies of the Dragon will include Rand finding actual dragons. I don't have anything to back this up, but if the dragons are there then Rand has to have something to do with them.

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sorry it`s rubbish

Posted by fourthletter telamon on 05.07.01 09:51
i have to say right now that real dragons flying about shara is total rubbish and just wishful thinking , BUT what about he men with faces in their stomachs who live under the mountains which we`ve heard about several times from jain farstrider and a few merchants that mat`s met ??????????????hmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Dragon Bones

Posted by elite880 on 03.08.01 09:52
What city was it that Elayne visited while dream walking (when she first met Amys) that she was in tanachico something and she saw the bones of a huge beast...like a dinasouar, but maybe it was bones of a dragon.
I don't know if I believe that whole dragon theory, becasue then it will not be an original book and only cheapen the effect if Rand can control dragons or something...another Melenie Rawn book anyone?


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maybe the reason no one has seen them is that their sleep is supernatural, or maybe in superlarge stasis boxes

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Dragons don't fly

Posted by Cazzar on 23.01.02 11:06
Dependant upon RJs point of view the dragons may not even fly. Thus the reason for Sharas high walls

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Posted by Uno1 on 07.05.02 17:45
theres flamin truth in your theory but then theres the bloody lies.first of all i think dragons do exist maybe not in shara but some where else because how in the bloody ashes do they get the bloody name dragon maybe they flamin exist in another flamin world.good bloody job though.

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I always wondered...

Posted by Ron T on 24.06.02 17:55
I always wondered what "The Nine Rods of Dominion" were, maybe they have something to do with Dragons.

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The Dragons find Rand...

Posted by Divine Dragon on 06.11.02 07:36
It has always been my theory that the Dragons will awaken with the coming of the Dragon Reborn. Maybe from Shara where they are bound to sleep until the Dragon is Reborn. Maybe from the clouds(not very likely but it could happen), or maybe from the ocean.
Another thought about the whereabouts of the Dragons, is that they were created by the Forsaken during the Age of Legends, and have lain dormant since then. The Blight seems a good place to hide them, let them sleep til Tarmon Gai'Don. Joining Rand during the Last Battle at a crucial point.
Just a few thoughts i had i wanted to get down. Feel free to disagree with me.

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Posted by Setreal on 24.12.02 08:18
If you think about just because no one has seen one doesn't mean they don't exist. We had never even heard of Raken or the other Seachan beasts until we were introduced to the fact that the Seachan existed at all. They could possibly be somewhere undicovered or in a different world.(portal stone)

Dragons are real

Posted by Uno1 on 15.04.03 22:05
Ok people Uno is back. First how can someone create a whole beast without seeing some bloody thing that looks like what they describe. Archaeologist describe Dinasours as being "Dragon" i dont know about Chinease dragons roaming the flamin sky but i do believe there are beast within Shara that we have yet to look upon.

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Not quite yet

Posted by PantherClaw on 17.04.03 09:14
I think that dragons may come to serve the Dragon, i didnt research from the book but i say this in the theory and it got me thinking
"Storms rumble beyond the horizon, and the fires of heaven purge the earth,"
The storms rumbling beyond the horizon could refer to the dragons all flying west to give aid to rand in his time of need. Also, the fires of heaven purging the earth could be a reference to the dragonfire doing terrible damage to the land.
Just a thought, see what you think.


Posted by shuturmomup on 18.07.07 14:55
heres a thought.
On Earth, the mythology of Dragon was created from men around the Biblical Era when dinosaurs were still alive. The Dragons like on the banner and Rands arms are mere artists renderings who have never seen them. thus these dragons might only be dinosaurs, and as to why they don't wander, as we know Sharans most likely keep watch on their borders so no one ever gets out, there could be a prophecy or some reason why they would not allow the dinosaurs out. and if flying dinosaurs exist its possible that Sharans tamed certain kinds? i mean Seanchan tamed grolm, raken, and elephants. And as for how Sharan ports have high walls, how would they build them so high as its told? no ogier to help them, so they most likely had major beasts of burden? like tamed dinosaurs (dragons) eh?

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