Perrin Will Lead Shara

Posted by Mary Sedai of the Brown Ajah on 22.01.01 00:00

Okay, this is wild conjecture based on the little bits and pieces of what I know about mythology. I think Perrin will end up with Shara somehow and lead the eastern assault in the last battle. (Matt, I think, will turn the Seanchan to Rand's aid on the western front.)

The Sharans, being the WoT's sort-of middle-east, reminded me of the myth of the ancient Canaanite goddess Asherah of the Sea. She was the consort of Baal-Hadad, the storm god, who is often equated with Thor (or Perun), the muscular hammer-and axe-wielding god who fights with Odin (Matt?) and Tyr (Rand?) in Ragnarok, the last battle. (I realize I'm mixing mythologies, but so is Jordan.) In one legend, Baal-Hadad slays Lotan, the Leviathan, a seven-headed dragon. (Maybe Shara is where dragons dwell!) "Shara" is also a middle-eastern (Pakistani?) word for "goat." The legend goes that Thor's chariot is pulled by two goats. Interestingly, the goddess Asherah had twins: Shachar and Shalim (who's names mean dawn and dusk [the beginning and the end?], and are known as "pounders of the sea") which reminds me of the Sharan leaders, the Sh'boan and Sh'botay. And, in Canaanite mythology, the father of the gods was "El," or "the bull." On a historical level, the ancient Canaanites were known for the fine red wool they allowed their seafaring neighbors, the Pheonecians, to sell for them. Finally, the word "ayyad" (the Sharan Aes Sedai) sounds like the Umayyad, the elite or the Caliphates of the first Islamic Dynasty, an empire which included much of the middle-east, of which ancient Canaan (somewhere between Gaza and Lebanon) was a part.

wotmania says: Wow, my spell-checker went insane when I ran it through this theory. I say things like that when I have no idea what to say in response to a theory... Pretty much, Jordan draws from a lot of different mythological sources, and it looks like you have recognized a couple more. wotmania, out...


what shara means in middle easten languages

Posted by boaz on 27.06.01 14:08
hebrew (she is) singing.
arabic dripped/ bad deed / war , fight / youth eexcitement / bought / sold
they sount like a people of war.

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Posted by mjasghar on 27.06.01 14:34
RJ has said Shara will never be visited. Maybe we will visit Seanchan for a scene, and even the Land of Madmen (RJ has said RAFO so we may well see that place)
Shara will only ever be met in rumours. Look RJ has said the world will not be perfect at the end. In fact I am SURE that there will be a civil war at the end and Rand will return to his 3 wives and it will seem as if there will be a next book where he sorts it out. BUT THAT WILL ACTUALL BE THE LAST SCENE EVER!

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Posted by Gandalv the Gray on 12.08.01 03:35
We have already seen Seanchan in the Far Snows Dance, but that is not what I wanted to post.

I have no liking for theories who are based on what happens in stories RJ have taken inspiration from, in my mind, theories must be based on real facts from WoT. If the other was the case, I could say Moiraine would come back alive because [LOTR SPOILER!!]Gandalf came back. We all know Moiraine resembles Gandalf to a high degree, but this is not why I think Moiraine is alive.[/LOTR SPOILER!!]

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Just a couple thoughts...

Posted by AshaTwan on 18.09.02 21:43
First off, i'd be rather dissapointed if we didn't see any more of Shara than we already have been exposed to. I think it sounds a very place...secondly, the author of this theory has made some very interesting connections. Just thought i'd drop a couple thoughts =)


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Posted by stoner3702 on 19.10.02 01:49
I am glad to see a theory that actually had some academic value to it. I commend you on your ability to combine several different mythologies from the middle east - personally, I would have gotten to confused because I am not familiar with the histories of that region. Good work.

sea monsters

Posted by perrinn on 24.10.02 14:44
My guess is that the dragons in Shara are like sea monsters, which was like the Levithian. That would explain the walls around Sharan towns along the sea, and why the Aiel don't talk about dragons coming over the Aiel Waste. Pretty good deductions about the middle eastern stuff.

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Posted by Uno1 on 27.04.03 10:22
Shara me never be visited but theres no stopping the flamin Sharans coming to Rand. I do think we will be going to the Land Of The Madmen soon.

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Posted by cparrott on 25.11.03 09:16
I think it's a bit tenuous, but it is certainly an interesting proposal. I do think, though, that there are some more likely etymologies for "Shara" than semitic words for 'goat':

1) Perhaps related to the Latin/Greek "Sares" or "Seres", which was what the Ancients (and Medievals) called China. Given all the other connections between Shara & China in the books, this seems probable.

2) Perhaps from "Sahara"? This is, I admit, orthographically closer. It would also provide some support to your proposed connection, seeing that the Caliphate also controlled North Africa for a good portion of Western history. (By the way, I do like your connection between the Ummayyad caliphs and the Sharan Ayyad. I hadn't thought of that.)

We have seen elsewhere that Jordan connects his geography to our own historical/legendary geography - e.g., Ilium(=Troy) and Illian. Why not do the same for Shara?

(On a side note, and I honestly just thought of this, perhaps there is a connection between Tear and Tyre? In a certain respect, it might make the 'historicity' of his geography a bit more accurate: Shara/China in the Far East, Ilium/Illian and Tear/Tyre both seaports, and relatively close to each other.... But this is total speculation, and there seems to be little else to connect the Tairens with the Phoenicians).

Anyway, I seem to have drifted a bit from my main point. I don't really know much about Canaanite mythology; Classical (Greco-Roman) myth and Medieval stuff are more my thing. If anyone has any suggestions about geography & etymology from other areas of world culture & legend, I'd be interested to hear them. If not, I'd probably learn towards option (1) above.

My apologies for being long-winded. I hope I haven't been too boring.

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Posted by wheeloftimefan on 27.02.04 15:40
Well, if i remember (and I'm sure I do) the ENTIRE WORLD must be behind Rand when he battles the DO... So I think this could work out... wheeloftimefan

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eh, perrin? eh...

Posted by sabin on 20.02.05 12:30
If someone had to, i guess hes a good candidate as any... kinda late for shara.... isnt it?

to Boaz, are you sure shara is 'she sings' in hebrew? I know a bit, and that doesnt sound familiar... of course, i only know a bit, I might be wrong. I once saw someone say that "ba'alzamon" means 'evil, satan,' in hebrew, but i KNOW thats not true...

I forgot who said this, but to whoever mentioned going to the land of madmen: what could possibly happen? if i remember what i read this morning (see signature, not quite done with Guide) The Land of Madmen is a desolate land, freaquently subject to volcanoes, storms, etc. what could possibly be of importance there? there are certainly easier places to go to if someone wanted to hide... I dont really think the land of madmen has any purpose. very little.


Madmen island

Posted by IrrisistibleIrene on 03.08.05 09:44
TO BOAZ...COURTESY OF THE BWB, SOMEWHERE ABOUT THE SEAFOLK MENTIONS THAT SOME SEAFOLK HAVE VISITED THE ISLAND. (sorry bout da caps)The seafolk stories say that the people there are primative like they haven't recovered from the breaking. So yea...