Dragons in the Age of Legends

Posted by The Father of the Nine Moons on 22.01.01 00:00

I do like all these theories, but I can't help doubting. Why haven't we heard anything about dragons from the Age of Legends? I believe the dragons may be mythological creatures in Jordan's books too, or perhaps they just nestle somewhere... I wouldn't count out the possibility that if the dragons actually exist, it might as well be in Seanchan as in Shara. I think it matches better with the words "beyond the horizon."

wotmania says: Well, when you think about it, we really do not know much about the Age of Legends - just occasional scraps that are remembered or which come from things the Forsaken talk about... Also, the dragon banner has a picture which resembles a dragon - where else would the picture on that banner have come from? You do make a good point, though - why have we not heard mention of dragons in the Age of Legends if they were hanging around back then?


Here there be Dragons

Posted by jove on 11.07.01 17:14
Maybe dragons were only a myth in the age of legends. Ever think about that?


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Posted by -=OSAN-GAR=- on 24.07.01 15:07
"...Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again..."

If dragons were just a myth when the banner was made, that means that dragons DID exist a few ages ago. But what ARE dragons? Perhaps that is what worms were ment to become, or perhaps where worms came from, in some twisted expiriment by Aginor.

_//Worm\_ - Big Monster thing that lives in the blight, supposedly the "larval" stage of some creature... encounterd by Rand and friends in EotW (Eye of the World)



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Not necessarily...

Posted by Lord Savaunt on 08.08.01 15:53
....Just because Dragons could have been mythical back in the Age of Legends is no real reason to think that they existed in a prior age. They may be like Dragons of earth, mythical from the git go. Perhaps in the Age of Legends Dragons were a really popular mythical figure, and Lews Therin being so tough was likened to a Dragon.

Sooner or later it all connects back to itself.

Wait a minute...

Posted by wolvenblood on 05.11.01 06:53
Who ever said dragons are mythical in real life? They could have been remenant evolved dinosaurs that survived whatever killed off the rest of them. True the "breathing fire" bit was almost certainly mythical, but almost every culture in the world has some legend of a dragon of some kind. I mean, Europe has them, the East (China, Japan and Korea) definitely have them, the ancient Aztecs tell of "giant feathered serpents", African tribes have dragon legends, it's ubiquitous. In my opinion, that is too large of a coincidence to not have some fact behind it.

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Dragons cycle with the wheel

Posted by katanatm on 15.01.02 21:47
Maybe they were legends in the AoL and now only excist on the tattoos from Rhuidean, but that could just be because they only excist in a certain age. The age that could come next... It could be a technological reference. Maybe they build dragons that are sencient creatures, oh wait that was a really weird Michael Swanwick book.

Worms, anyone?

Posted by Max von Bek on 18.01.02 06:31
Just to clear up something, as far as I can remeber, the Worms in the Blight are the larval stage of something called Jumara - what that is I have no idea. I think that in LoC, two Forsaken are talking (or one is musing) that thte Worms will never mature in Jumara. Could be right about the creatures being mutated dragons, however, thats assuming that Aginor actually got his hands on one!

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No dragons

Posted by KinslayX on 24.01.02 10:00
OK while I thin it would be very cool to have dragons in WOT, they don't exist. Robert Jordan has said so. Secondly the point about someone having to have seen one to make the dragon banner, nope don't think so, we never had them here on earth and we came up with them all on our own so could the people of WOT.

Before AoL

Posted by Eve of the White Ajah on 06.03.02 18:37
What about the time *before* the age of Legends? I'm sure there are ages before that, and probably ages before that...

Maybe they were/are constructs

Posted by Eejit on 30.12.02 17:34
...like the Nym, this could explain why they aren't widespread and have possibly died out, in the 3rd Age, AOL or previously.

Prove it

Posted by Spiritclaw on 27.01.03 01:24
KinslayX you wrote: "...we never had them here on earth...".

Prove it.

Just because we have no proof of something, does not mean that it doesn't exist.

We did not always know about and have proof of gravity. Does that mean that before then, gravity didn't exist?

We didn't always believe that the Earth revolved around the sun. So does that mean before that discovery, the Sun and the rest of the Universe revolved around the Earth?

Of course not.

There are so many legends/myths/stories about dragons from all around the world, it is very difficult to believe that there isn't at least SOME truth behind them.