Dragons in Shara

Posted by LTT on 22.01.01 00:00

How do we know the dragons can fly? On the Dragon banner, the dragon is shown without wings (Guide page 295) Also, in reference to the Chinese dragons, they also have no wings. So, the reason the cities of Shara are high walled is to keep the dragons out. Also, that's why there are no rumors from the Sea Folk and other traders with Shara of flying beasts.

wotmania says: This is certainly an interesting possibility... I am curious as to whether or not the other cities in Shara have high walls or not. If the only cities in Shara with the high walls are those the traders enter, this theory is pretty much shot. If all the cities in Shara have high walls, then you may have hit on something here. I guess we will just have to wait until someone wanders over to Shara to find out...



Posted by jove on 11.07.01 17:17
Maybe its not to keep the dragons out but to keep them in.


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China Dragons

Posted by vahn on 02.09.01 18:49
You see people think that just becasue that the dragon didn't have wings that it mean it can't fly. I happen to know about chinese myth and what not and their wingless dragons can very much fly. However, they mostly reside in the water and fly when they need too or just plan old hibernate. Anyway back to the point, the dragons reegardless of they are wingless, in Chinese Myth they can still fly, using what power i don't know but they could. Maybe the dragon in RJ books can fly using the one power but reside in the water of Shara?

Dragons IN Shara

Posted by Shadowman on 28.09.01 17:48
This is just a thought on the Dragons in Shara post, in response to LLT's post. He mentioned that the high walls of the trade outposts of Shara are to keep the dragons out. I have no problem with that. But what occured to me is that if we have not seen Dragons in the narative yet, it may be because the walls of Shara are in place to keep the dragons IN. Yes? It is possible. RJ is a tricky bitch...you never know. Just another reason Book 10 should be titled RAFO!



Posted by Eve of the White Ajah on 05.03.02 23:23
Look at all this talk about Shara. Our curiosity is overflowing with this place. RJ! We wanna see something about the place

very doubtful

Posted by San[}maN on 27.03.02 17:17
I base this decision on the fact that towards the end of the series, one of the forsaken thinks briefly of shara. this is where we find out how they use male channellers as breeders, and how the ruler dies every seven years of "natural causes" and that women channellers actually run the empire. During the whole thought process, dragons didn't come up. I would think that a land where dragons roam around would be of some note.

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hmmm... maybe

Posted by perrinn on 24.10.02 12:20
No offence, but this theory doesnt make much sense. Dragons in Shara? The Aiel would say things about them. Most likely dragons were destroyed in the Breaking of the World; thats why there is no record of them anywhere. The palace in Tanchico has friezes and skeletons of extinct creatures; dragons were probably part of this. The walls were most definately for trade, so outsiders dont see into the city.

Oh wow.

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