The Channelers of Shara

Posted by LeBrock on 22.01.01 00:00

I think one major role that Shara will play in the future is replenishing the bloodline. Some of the Aes Sedai have a theory that killing all of the male channelers has gradually culled out the ability to channel in the human race. Less girls come every year, and our heroines are the strongest channelers in centuries, probably because of the old Manetheren blood.

In Shara, we have a whole society of channelers that has very carefully been interbreeding channelers to concentrate the ability. Living in their separate towns surrounded by each other from birth, I would imagine that they have cultivated the ability far better than their Western counterparts - more time to practice in daily life and to see channeling from an early age. I would imagine that they have not lost old Talents, and may have found new ones. They will be instrumental in setting up the next Hall of Servants (after Tarmon Gai’don) with powers that would impress even the Forsaken. We might think the White Tower will lead the fight against the Dreadlords, but I think it's going to be Shara that could break the world again or remake it.

wotmania says: This is one point I do not believe I have ever heard mentioned. Seeing as the Sharans actively breed male channelers with female channelers, they would (at least in theory) have the most (and probably strongest) channelers of any of the present-day societies. In one way I would be very surprised if the Sharans did not come into play before Tarmon Gai’don, but given their suspicion of outsiders it is hard to imagine them being particularly helpful. Only time will tell, I suppose...



Posted by Gandalv the Gray on 26.08.01 14:35
I think that RJ has said that no action will take place in/from Shara.

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I agree with the above comment

Posted by Burasco on 03.10.01 00:57
I can't remember where, but it was mentioned that the War was wageing all over the world and that the battle in randland is only the most important battle of an even larger confrontation that is taking place in shara..seanchan, everywhere.


think about it!

Posted by Shadowight79 on 19.01.02 11:09
doesn't anyone remember that the ability to channel is of the soul??!?!?! we haven't been culling it they have all just been sitting around waiting to be discovered i mean why would you send out an all powerful channeler when NOTHING IS HAPPENING? now makes a good choice for sending the beefliest channelers ever into the world.

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Channelers in America?

Posted by cybrmnk on 26.02.02 13:19
So if interbreeding produces strong channelers (Shara, 2 Rivers), let's apply that to "Real Life." And for the sake of saving space why don't we go ahead and shorten that to "inbreeding."

Ye gods! West Virginia must be a virtual hotbed of the world's strongest channelers!!!!

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The power of the Sharan Channelers...

Posted by Eve of the White Ajah on 05.03.02 23:18
These channelers are obviously quite powerful channelers. But, they live a life of captivity. It has been stated that they are "the true power in Shara", so why don't they just take over? They can obliterate anyone in their way. I think the future for the Sharan Channelers is bright, indeed! As for the rest of Shara, who knows?

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Culling is a Theory

Posted by Logain is me. on 24.06.02 00:41
That the Aes Sedai are culling the power is just a theory in Randland. I have always thought that the pattern didn't need strong channelers so none were released. With the return of the Dragon Reborn strong channerlers would be needed so they were released.
Even if the culling theory was right I doubt that they would have "powers that would impress even the Forsaken".


Posted by paradoxpscho on 24.10.02 11:26
I think it is a little too late in the story to add any main characters that can channel, especially from a place that we haven't seen much about.

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I think the logic is flawed

Posted by dansimp on 20.12.02 14:58
While there is some basis to say that channelers probably have a higher chance for their offspring to
be able to channel, I really think you are conjuring new ideas to claim that they would necessarily be stronger.
Look to your own argument, Nynaeve, Rand, Egwene, Elayne. None of these individuals, who are as you say
some of the strongest in centuries had relatives strong in the power. I think it is just flawed to base the whole
strength in the power idea to genetics. Breeding in Shara may keep the power more common, that might lead a
greater abundance of individuals who are strong, merely by percentage ratios, but it really doesn't have anything to
do with two parents who can channel having a child who is strong.

I agree

Posted by Eejit on 30.12.02 17:21
I agree with this theory, makes a lot of sense to me.

I even once posted something related to this on the wot newsgroup, although it was concentrated more on their impact in TGD than rebuilding afterwards. But of course, I'm still completely impartial.

Would be great but ...

Posted by matismydarling193 on 14.03.04 20:23
I really would like Shara to play a great part in what's gonna happen (they seem to be way cooler and more interesting than the Seanchan) and some of what you say is probably true,but we know that Graendal has a 'leader' of Shara among her slaves so if she went there, she surely saw some channelers,and if they were great,with more power or Lost Talents she would have told it to some of the Forsaken,we woud know about it.


Would be great but ...

Posted by matismydarling193 on 14.03.04 20:25
I really would like Shara to play a great part in what's gonna happen (they seem to be way cooler and more interesting than the Seanchan) and some of what you say is probably true,but we know that Graendal has a 'leader' of Shara among her slaves so if she went there, she surely saw some channelers,and if they were great,with more power or Lost Talents she would have told it to some of the Forsaken,we woud know about it.



Posted by purpleajahdragon on 13.08.04 22:52
i disagree that the sharans actually have such a pure bloodline. do we know that two channeling parents even have a child that can channel. (morgase could channel and she only has one of two channeling childern; soriela's grandson can't channel) and since the channelers in shara can only have a kid with another channeler (else the child is "exposed to the elements" there is a chance that the sharans that can channel are actually channel are very few and far between.

50-50 on this one...

Posted by sabin on 20.02.05 12:09
I agree Shara must have stronger channelers than western places, but its unlikely Shara will play any large role, if any at all, in the end of the series. There's just not enough time. if there happen to be 2 or 3...hundred... more books, we can at least finish ONE of the plot lines... i hope....


Coming back several years later..

Posted by sabin on 20.08.07 12:50
i agree with "Logain is me"
although its possible channeling is genetic, i think it much more likely the wheel spins out channelers in various strengths as needed.


Sharan channellers

Posted by the_wandering_woman on 28.02.08 14:57
This is a fascinating theory. I must admit I have waited for more mention of them, especially since the arrival of Noal (Jain Farstrider) Charin.

It would be interesting to see the stuffy, stodgy Aes Sedai dealing with an entire society of "wilders", male and female, with the males not even allowed to learn how to read!

However, it is certainly possible that they are as aware of prophecies and events as anyone else, and if they have indeed honed their abilities and held to the old Talents, they could be a force to be reckoned with, depending on where their loyalties lie. What if they are all Darkfriends?

your not thinking

Posted by fainsblade on 18.10.08 08:04
If the peaples of shara had all these new talents the forsaken would know.Think about it,the forsaken are in with the Dark Lord and i am pretty sure he knows all the tricks.If the peaple of shara engage in the last battle there will be good and bad, the same as the rest of the world.
And then there is the dragon? In our society we use many mediphors to describe peaple,leaders of all sorts,Hitler was described as the devil himself.
I think that it is nothing more than a mediphore,a symbol to encite fear in the heart of an enemy and nothing more.And here is why. If a dragon exist I would think the dark lord created it ,like morgoth in the Silmarillion, Rand has gotten no schooling[ that i can remember] in transfiguration so he isnt changing.I just thik that RJ would keep things mundane to a point,such as real animals that bleed and die and not mystical power filled animals from another demention that rand controls.But I have been wrong befor so we will see..