Verin... A Lightfriend?

Posted by Gaidin Blackfox on 22.01.01 00:00

I think that Verin is a Lightfriend (like a Darkfriend only of the Light). If you think about it, Verin knows a lot of mysterious things that a lot of Aes Sedai don’t know. It makes perfect sense really, if Verin is an agent of the Creator then she would probably have access to information that a lot of Aes Sedai probably don’t know about. She seems to show up right when she is needed and always knows what to do. She also knew about Moiraine and Siuan seeking the Dragon Reborn and did nothing. Why? Because she works for the Creator and he wants the Dragon to win of course. She could possibly be a ta’veren and no one knows about it. She really doesn’t act like a Brown but maybe she needed to be a Brown because she needed the knowledge to help Rand for Tarmon Gai’don. I know that people think she is a Darkfriend because she can lie but I think that the Oath Rod from the Nine Rods of Dominion is a Black Ajah trick to tie the Aes Sedai of the Light so that they can have partial control of the Sisters of the Light. She probably figured that out and got out of taking the Oaths. She might have also found out that the Oath Rod shortens the Aes Sedai’s life and that would explain her old, old age. Moiraine doesn’t trust her, but if a mysterious woman who seemed to know more than the average Aes Sedai and never explains her motives and does not act like one of her Ajah than I would be suspicious also. I also include as Lightfriends Moiraine, Logain, Egwene, Nynaeve, Elayne, Lan, Gareth Bryne, Sheriam, maybe even Min (her gift being from the Creator to help Rand in his journey). They are chosen by the Creator to help, whether they know it or not, the Dragon.

wotmania says: I have always liked the idea of the Lightfriends, but I would like to mention a few things. I think Verin knew about Siuan and Moiraine because she is smart and observant. I doubt that she is ta’veren. But if there is such a group as the Lightfriends, I am guessing Verin is a proud, card-carrying member.


Verin... A Lightfriend? Hmm..

Posted by Schwen on 14.04.01 00:00
Well, let's not forget the fact that the creator does not interfer with life in Randland..
Those people you mention have an important part in the pattern, (like Nynaeve and Egwene, according to Moraine) that can explain a lot of the arguments..

However, i haven't thought a lot about your theory or this reply, but i'm not saying that it is impossible.. as you all know, the Creator, Robert Jordan can interfere as he will..

by the way, how do you spell interfer?

Loony Verin

Posted by verinmathwin on 07.05.01 14:06
Verin can't be ta'veren for one reason: Siuan has the talent of seeing ta'veren and did not see it with Verin during the first meeting with the 3 boys at Lord Agelmar's. For another theory related to this, check out the Loony Verin Theory at

As for the creator not touching the world, every Aes Sadai says how much has been lost from the past, that some talents have been lost or almost lost: foretelling (Min), producing an'greal (Elayne), dreaming (Egwene) and yet all these talents are resurfacing with the kids. One should not be able to find The Green Man but once if at all, yet Moraine found him twice. Cleansing the taint was said to be impossible, yet it has been done. Perhaps communication with the Creator can be acheived through specific means. And perhaps a very old Brown just might be the only one who knows how any more. Only the great RJ can say.

She's either really loyal to the Dragon reborn

Posted by rodan32 on 31.01.02 10:29
. . .but not necessarily to Rand himself, or she's Semirhage (I doubt that, though).

Verin is still the biggest head-scratcher for me. One minute from the next I think she's just what she appears and RJ is teasing us, or a darkfriend, or a hero bound to the Horn (who just happened to be alive right now).

Darkfriend? Well, all those Red Ajah she compelled to swear to Rand probably won't help him with getting the Aes Sedai on his team. She may very well be "spreading chaos".

Hero of the Horn: Well, she was at Falme.

I guess when it comes to Verin, I have no idea, and almost anything is possible.


Posted by Kaen Al-Del on 01.05.02 05:01
Is Verin a lightfriend? An agent of the Creator? I don't know. It could be that she is just a wildcard thrown in by Jordan to do things that need done, and to throw us fans off and keep us guessing!
What I do believe is that Verin and Cadsuane are very strong personalities who have their own ideas on how to get the Dragon to the final battle in relatively one piece, and will not let ANYbody stand in the way of that goal, regardless of who he or she may be.

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There are no Lightfriends

Posted by New Forsaken on 18.04.03 09:56
I like Verin(though she's a little creepy), but I don't believe in Lightfriends. It's evil to have a secret society with that much power, b/c all you need to do is have one double agent or one other person deciding to switch sides. That's my two cents worth.

too many problems

Posted by nettles on 09.07.05 12:57
verin obviously took the 3 oaths, or at least some oaths, on the oath rod, becuase she has an ageless face. she is not ta'veren because some aes sedai have the Talent of seeing ta'veren, and we've heard nothing about it from anyone. the reason she knows so much is that she is a brown. in case you've forgotten, browns seek knowledge. since im writing this 4 years after this theory was posted, nobody's ever going to read it probably, but i had to say something.